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Dollar General Daily couponing deals for this week

need to learn how to coupon

How to use digital coupons

printable coupons

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Budget Boss Coupons says:

Thank you for rocking with me have a great day coupon cousin

Jennifer Haylett says:

Thank you for the video! I went to dollar general right after I watched your video.

Latonya Atkins says:

You are so funny😂 great deals especially the dentalite giving overage😊

Nelen Pierre says:

Hey cousin.. which insert is the zest coupon ?

Angel Hughes says:

Do you purchase your coupons from someone?

Guerita Castro says:

Where can I get paper coupons ? 🥺 I only use digital because I don’t know where to find them . Help 😭

Joann Reynolds says:

Hi Cousin and thanks

On this journey called LIFE says:

Thanks for sharing!!! Any suggestions on coupon fairy?

Melissa Hulsey says:

Just found your channel and I love it thank you for helping us save money 💰 ❤

Stacey Davison says:

I was wondering where is the best store to use the 6 off 2 and 4 off 1 razor Schick expiring 27th

Kayla Willingham says:

Hey check your Ibotta I have a 2.00 back on the renuzit making it a money maker

Stacey Davison says:

Thank you I was going through mine also.

Sarah Holbrook says:

Thank you coupon cousin for all you do Love! 🥰

Diego Rojas says:

Hello Coupon cousin i got my inserts for this week i have 10 buy one get one free dove insers

Abrina Dock says:

I just love your energy!!

Shantelle Mcclinton says:

Great haul hopefully I can do Scott's haul

t lynch says:

Do the digital coupons work with the razors? I have them clipped but don't want to get to the checkout and find out they won't work with the cheaper razors.

Nicole Dunbar says:

Hey!!!! Your videos over the past 2 weeks have been everything💥💥💥💥💯💯💯!!!!! Trying to keep up😊😊😊😊💛💛💛💛💛💛!!

Mayra Casillas says:

I dont have paper coupons but i printed 4 for the bic can i use them at the same time or is their a limit?

rejenn randoloph says:

Hey cousin I love your deals

Oralia Holmes says:

I really love your singing greeting. I really learn a lot from your videos. Thank you

Rutha Ollison says:

Cuzzo you are too tough! Awesome job and deals! Thanks!

Shontel Fennix says:

Hey cousin even if you don't use the product, do you donate or sell it. I'm going to lie if I don't use the product I throw the coupon away. Don't kill me cousin because I leave those coupons behind☺️☺️☺️

Shontel Fennix says:

Good morting cousin you have a blessed day.

Donna Turner says:

Hey Cousin !! You rock on the Scott 🙏🤣

Hooked by Dr. Erika says:

Thanks for the video cousin!

Brenda Bodwin says:

Our stores never have the $1 finish tabs. Only the $1 Cascade. 😢 Im looooving the dentalife overage. I still have around 40 of those coupons. 😁

Sharon Wilson says:

Great Haul & Very Good Coupoms!

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