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In this vlog, I’m taking you with me to Dollar General to do an all digital food deal. This deal can be done any day, but can end at any time.


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Coupon Nerds says:

All my ibottas have 75cents back on the regular bubly too, limit 3. Double check your acct for more money back!

ruthannalston says:

I already did the deal so I don’t have a coupon left but I wonder if it works on the $1 lays stacks?? Has anyone tried to see if it attached to those?
My store doesn’t carry the bubly drinks and I haven’t been able to find them at my local Walmart either

Debbie Perdew says:

Thankyou so very much really appreciate you ☺

Neka Jones says:

Baby I did the Pepsi deal 5 times!! This was a fun fun deal.

Karen Duke says:

I scanned my receipt with Fetch and got over $7.00!

Brittney Beckem says:

Scored!!! Thanks!!!

ruthannalston says:

And don’t forget all those fetch points for all of it too!

Jana Grant says:

Please do a 3 off 15!!!!!!!

Emilka Caraballo says:

I loved catching this deal last night, so today I RAN to DG and pray on my way to find everything and I DID!!!
(5) $.50 Lays chips
(5) $1 Brisk Lemon Iced Tea
(1) $1 Crest Toothpaste
(2) for $7 Chips Ahoy Family Size CC Cookies
My total was $3.50 + tax = $3.59 and even the cashier was like wow is that correct 🤪 I also had that $3 off $15.

Rosanna Pete Rodrigues says:

Thanks for sharing!

kaitsfate says:

I’m not trying to be an a-hole here at all, but the fine print on that $3 frito lay coupon states the products must total at least $15. So if you are grabbing 5 items that do attach, but you know they do not hit that $15 threshold stated on the coupon, isn’t that actually fraud?

christine malone says:

Thanks Star.never had looked at the just for you.i have the coupon and it's good till 12/ never disappoint

Julie Smith says:

When I go to the just for you it keeps saying these are not available at this time but they should be coming back real soon

Danisha says:

I didn’t have the bubbly promotion so instead I purchased a Mountain Dew major melon 20oz and submitted to Fetch for a 1750 points. There were also $1 peel coupons on the Pokémon and Lucky charm cereal. I used that instead of the $0.75 digital. This was a great haul. Star you are amazing!

Vicki Pittman says:

You are so smart and nice lady.How do you have more then one account?do you have to have several phones? It’s just me and my granddaughter I’m a disabled widow and would love to help us out on freebies or even low cost.She usually has to go in and never remembers to put my cell number in Shewll I’ve tried to explain we need to do this but some teenagers.Pray for us!! Thanks to all in advance.I’m hoping to get a printer because where I live dont.get hardly any but right now I can’t afford to.Maybe next year I hope thx again I wish I was just half as smart as you.I live on the coast of NC.If anybody is from here please let me know.I like to talk make new friends but I’m at home most of the time.😢🙏

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