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Price Breakdown:
Gain Flings (16 ct): Original Price= $4.95, On Sale for $3.95 – 3.00 Digital Coupon = $.95

Wisk Power Blasts (18 ct): Original Price= $4.00, On Sale for $2.95 – 1.00 Digital Coupon = $1.95

Clorox Fraganzia: Original Price= $2.00, On Sale for $1.50 – .65 Digital Coupon = $.85

Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaner (1.5 qt): Original Price= $3.00, On Sale for $2.50 – 1.00 Digital Coupon = $1.50

Total: $6.23 (after tax)

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Donna kendrick says:

Great deals! And you can never have enough!

X razorstylist says:

I'm going to check out the app. Have you tried the Wish App before.

Belleh Hallmark says:

Wisk is really good! It gets stains that tide won't remove.

Yessi Ram says:

have you got to familly dollar the tide pods and gain flings are 95 cents to

singing4theSavior says:

Thanks for sharing

Deb Reaves says:

I like to combine the $5 off Saturdays with other coupons. Once I saved like $17 and the employee was like whoa….how'd you do that?? love it! 😁

JilliAlicia T-Bell says:

How much is sales tax in your State ?? seems quite high …

JilliAlicia T-Bell says:

You're soo silly — film anywhere — we love your field trips lol.

JilliAlicia T-Bell says:

WOW. Thank You Tiffany I stayed with someone in the hospital and didn't hava chance to check sales — I'll definitely be getting some laundry pods ..

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