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Used 1/1 Any Jimmy Dean breakfast item
Used 3/3 Gain
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kateisha bell says:

hi, i tried those qp's at my dollar tree n they didnt work. did they have to manually put them in or the just scanned?

Star Lopez says:

thank you !!😍

Elyse Bynum says:

The coupon states that you must include detergent AND fabric enhancer to use.

Zandra Crisp says:

Thank you miss save a lot. she would only let me do 1. and thank you for helping us on the deals.🌷

Zandra Crisp says:

How many coupons did you use I tried to use3 but she would not have it she didn't want to take my coupon for 3 she was so mean than I ask for the manager she said it was ok than she got meaner..and am 64 I was so polete my sister said I should of had a got but I didn't. on the coupon it said 1 per house hold.

jerimy clonch says:

Tried this. They said I couldn't because gain was trial/travel size. No where on bottle does it say this nor does coupon exclude it. Bummer

Lashunda Ard says:


couponing with Rachell says:

thank you Mrs save alot. im going to my local dollar tree to see if i can score the same great deals.

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