Double Coupon & Price Match Grocery Haul

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Patricia Husk says:

Hi Sweetie…I'm new to couponing! Where do you get price-matching information?

Anthony Vicente says:

+She's In Her Apron Does this work at the Wal-Mart in calfornia I would love to coupon but I'm not math wise and do u use all the coupons in one transaction also can u use more than one coupon on that item

Lunchbox Adventures says:

No one does double coupons here. Great buys and you are so organized!

teamomess says:

Wow! I really need to try that! I could think of lots of other ways to use that saved money around here. Save, then spend!

mh3rdwheel says:

Wow I am envious my Walmart doesn't double coupons. That was a good haul, I so love pricematching at Walmart.

MomNeedsAClone says:

Awesome Job Kimmy!

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