Easy Zero Gap Babyliss Skeleton Pro Gold Fx Trimmer

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In this video Jay shows how to zero gap babyliss pro gold fx trimmer, step by step for more videos like this like comment and subscribe!

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Tony Johnson says:

Dude looks and talk like Klay Thompson

Kevlar MoneyBags says:

Why didn't you just use the gapping tool it came with? Does it not work

Keron Bell says:

What if it ddnt come with screws

Courtney Davis says:

Off topic..Can I use Andis cool care 5 in 1 clipper spray on my babybliss trimmers or do I have to use baby Bliss clipper spray??

AydenMillar says:

I took apart my trimmer because one of the screws came stripped when I was trying to zero gap it. Any idea how to put it back on? Iโ€™m so irritated right now.

YRN Xcvi says:

Bro they need a better screw this screw doesnโ€™t move shit and now itโ€™s fucked up and I canโ€™t unscrew anything

K W says:

Thanks for the solid tutorial. Is zero gap bad for kids necks?

kokbrok video says:

I can't this product is Flipkart

jsp&c17 says:

I think I stripped one of the screws :/
I canโ€™t take it off and my screw driver just rotates around it. I just got them too

Nick D says:

Mine looks good. Maybe my eyes are bad. Will try them soon but it looks good out the box.

Damien Solis says:

i cant seem to unscrew them

Angel says:

What if mine are pulling hair?

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