Edible Arrangements Unboxing!

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Another Great Lifestyle Video Anchored in the Teachings of the Master Teacher!


vic12551 says:

Great vid. Blessing.

Miss Caramel says:

GOD Bless You and your family 20 years of marriage is amazing thanks for sharing. 🙏🏾❤👑

La'paris Storey says:

This was a beautiful video!! I love love love hearing your soon quote that scripture so quickly and so well versed when he said it! You are a blessed woman of God and you will continue to be blessed! Thank you for this upload it helped me see what the boxes looked liked regular, and with knowing if I should purchase a “happy birthday sleeve” for the edible arrangements. Be blessed woman of God 🤍🙏🏾

Community Tours Australia says:

Yummy yummy they look beautiful

Tuncer GÜNAY says:

I think you should get well soon. you sound terrible 🙂

Harry Thomas Pictures says:

Aww such a sweet unboxing❤️✨!

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