Elijah Mountain Largest Bucket Gone Through (15 gallon)

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We went to North Carolina and visited Elijah Mountain Gem Mine. We picked up their largest gem bucket (15 gallon) to take home called the “Big Honkin Tub” I show you what it is like to go through the bag, the final yield, and a brief walk through of the “mine” itself.

Twisting Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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typhoon2245 says:

Sorry you took one for the team. Some things looked kinda cool, but not $160 worth of cool.

Dr Umang Gupta says:

Kids suck. Demon incarnates

ElGatoLoco698 says:

Something doesn't sit right with me about mixing rocks and minerals with dirt and selling it.

Scott Bragdon says:

Nice video. That dinosaur tooth looks like it might be a Megalodon tooth that was broken in half and the point broken off. Those sell like crazy on eBay if they are in good condition but I bet even a broken one would be worth selling. Have a great day.

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