Extereme Couponing All Stars Episode 1

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Ms. Darnesha Gabriel says:

I don't understand how people can get mad when they were shopping for charity. And there's nothing wrong with couponing at all I believe if they didn't want you to use the coupons they wouldn't have given then to you or sent them in the mail. coupons are like money just like food stamps etc.

Kimora Harron says:

I loved this video but I was kinda getting annoyed about how much Faatima was screaming. No ophence Faatima of u are reading this.

iiOmg_Tim says:

Am I the only one who would have gone to sams club?

SjKilla Bro says:

Breh Fatima asked her husband to holler at her for dat support den says it's distracting her xD brehhhh poor guy

TheDuckIsNear says:

She sure is FAATima

PigsAhoy says:

What’s with black Woman and screeching

Hasloks 714 says:

What was the guy from mad tv doing as a super market manager lol

Hasloks 714 says:

Lol the coupon mafia? How do they shake you down they cut off your newspaper delivery

King Aj says:

They should've did this shit for the hurricane survivors

Chelsea Jennings says:

I use coupons but God these ladies kick my ass… great to see people donating it to those in need though!

Razgriz says:

Fatima screams to fucking loud

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