Extreme Couponing 101 : Everything You Need to Save on Groceries

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Learn how to save over 50% off all your grocery and household purchases by pairing sales and coupons together!

Head to SouthernSavers.com to see what’s on sale this week and the coupons to use.


Quantes says:

Where have you been all my life!? For those of us that are on the simple side of thinking……THANK YOU!

penny ranger says:

thanks for the helpful tips

Brandy House says:

Is this the most updated video you have on learning to coupon? Thank you

Parker Foster says:

"Jenny, you don't clean. " I just love how I feel empowered with the bulk of knowledge I have now. thnk u

The Flowing River Farm , Toussaint Family says:

I shop once a month. Can I still do that and coupon? I spend about $600 a month on food and non-food products. I want to cut that in half. What are my options. Sincerely V.Toussaint, family of 6

Teo G Poker Vlog says:

Just cause it's free doesn't mean you should eat it. I wouldn't eat donuts even if they're free.

Hillary Ballenger says:

Super Helpful video! I was able to take a ton of notes, this was just as good as going to a class in person.

Crystal Martin says:

Great video!! Do you have a website I can follow for coupon database & grocery lists for Washington state? (Looking for Kroger -Seattle area, to be specific). Thanks!

Maria Byrd says:

just asking can you use foodstamps with coupons

DGIL says:

You can't live on an acorn only diet

Rosalee Yoder says:

I wish you would do a update version of this video. It is a great video. But coupon policies change, store policies change also. Look forward to watching you in the future.

Mario Douglas says:

I've always wondered about those ads

It's Yani says:

Jenny is this couponing tutorial still relevant in 2017? If so, are there changes I should make or update? Will you ever update the tutorial or is this a timeless class?

Ryan Edgemon says:

Wow. awesome. Thanks! best video on Couponing. well made video, so much info, I can't say enough. Great presentation, good sense of humor. will have to rewatch to get it all. Just wow! THANK YOU!

Lin Ortiz says:

gualtney hotdogs cost like $3 here in nyc, ya'll are lucky in the south, if you like the way they taste

Rosalee Yoder says:

Love this video. Has a lot of useful information. I would like to see a updated version of this video. It is now 2017, somethings may have changed or you might have more recent information that can be helpful to many beginners. Thank you for all you do to help us save $$$.

Lisa Harvey says:

???texting offers to 827348 did not work for me. anyone know why?

MichellesWrld says:

How do you downlaod the buy price list?

Roxanne Turner says:

where do i download the buy price list you were talking about? your video is a TREMENDOUS source of great information. i am a newbie at this. i have never really used coupons. (stupid!!) the information you give is perfect for a first timer like me. i didnt have a clue where to start. THANK YOU!!

Tan Don says:

do you have any videos on how to use coupons for clothes

Tan Don says:

this is a great video the best I have seen about Couponing .

Tara Jordan says:

Excellent video with tons of very helpful info!

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