Extreme Couponing 2014 Resolutions – Follow These Tips for Maximum Grocery Savings

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This tv segment was based on my syndicated column posted here:

It’s time to say good-bye to 2013 and hello to all the possibilities awaiting us in 2014.
While weight loss and exercise resolutions are popular, don’t forget to also resolve to do more to save on your groceries. After all, with just a little effort, couponing can easily chop 50 percent or more off your supermarket bill.

Make 2014 the year you reboot your system and maximize the savings by making these resolutions.

1. Get organized: A disorganized coupon stash means missed savings. If you do nothing else, make sure you start the year with a fresh set of supplies and a plan. Get an inexpensive pencil box for your scissors and other essentials. Then decide whether you will file inserts or clip all your coupons weekly. Finally, have a place to store your coupons such as a file cabinet, binder or box.

2. Have a schedule: Having a couponing schedule is a good way to ensure you are getting consistent savings. A typical schedule for some of our SavingsAngel members might be to sort or file their coupons on Sunday when the newspaper inserts arrive. Then on Monday, once all the sales and coupons have been entered in the database, they use our Enlightened Shopping section to make their lists. Finally, they go shopping on a convenient day later in the week.

3. Purge expired coupons regularly: On the last day of every month, set aside some time to go through your coupon stash and pull out all the ones expiring on that day. Having a streamlined stash will make couponing easier and more enjoyable.

4. Sign up for store loyalty and ecoupon programs: If you aren’t hooked into your store’s ecoupon or loyalty program, you are missing out. Some stores such as Kroger and Family Fare require that you have their card to get sale prices. Others, like Meijer and Target, seem to moving to ecoupons for many of their store coupons. Finally, using drug store rewards programs can be the best way to get free health and beauty items.

5. Have a plan for everything you buy: Make this the year you avoid impulse purchases. It might look like a great deal in the store, but it’s a waste of money if it sits on your shelf unused at home. Before you stock up on an item, know whether your family likes it and decide how you plan to use it.

6. Rotate the pantry: In addition, keep your pantry fresh by pulling old items forward when stocking it with recent purchases. That way, you never have to reach the end of the year and discover a cache of expired items on the back shelf.

7. Share the wealth: Our SavingsAngel members tell us one of the things they love most about couponing is the ability to go their cupboards at any time and load up bags of practically free groceries that they then donate to their local food bank. Resolve to be generous with your stockpile this year — it’s a great feeling to share the wealth!

8. Track your savings: Couponing can involve some time and effort so it is good to know the pay-off. You can search online for ‘coupon savings tracker’ to find all sorts of spreadsheets that can help you record your weekly savings.

9. Find a couponing partner: For both accountability and added fun, find a couponing partner in 2014. It could be a personal friend who shares your passion for savings or, if you don’t have anyone local, try out an online community like our Angel Forum.

10. Shop less: Your final resolution in 2014 should be to shop less. Yes, shop less. As in, don’t chase every deal and make multiple runs to the grocery store each week. Couponing should be a blessing to you and your family, and it can’t be if you are constantly stressing and obsessing about every deal scenario. Remember, there will always be another deal if you miss this one.

May you have an amazing year filled with laughter, joy and, of course, incredible grocery store savings!


William Wynn says:

what a idiot  I go to store to get what I have to have. In the last few hours now I have watch dozens of EXTREME coupon savings. And mostly what they have shown is how to get for free or close to it stuff like soaps shampoo , dog food and they did show some food items but not many. Somebody needs to show me how to get the items I have to have. Like milk, hamburger and potato's. So far what I have gotten for free is another bug or two in my comp. I tried to download these free coupons. Bring on  the pop ups and the useless damn tool bar. Most likely changed the home page again.  

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