EXTREME COUPONING at Dollar General!!! Overage!~Freebies!~Penny Shopping!~90%off HOME DECOR!

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As always, thank you to @Christa Coupons for posting the penny list & clearance lists this week for Dollar General at thepennylist.com

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JOIN MY IBOTTA TEAM!!! One of the awesome deals in this video that we GET PAID FOR is the Visine! You cant fully do this deal without the iBotta app! Its a super awesome rebate app! If you dont have it make sure to use my code “ULAAIDJ” during sign up to join my team!

Penny shopping is a SECRET! Do not ask the employees about penny items! Scan with the Dollar General app to find coupon matchups and price scan for penny items!!!

I purchase my coupons from Klip2Save.com
That is where I bought my Dentalife and Bic coupons you see in this video.

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Megan Newell says:

I’m like the only one who didn’t get this visine rebate on my ibotta 😭🤣👎

Michelle coupons and more says:

Thxs for the coupon queen

Sun Flower says:

Where do you get the paper coupons

bargain mama says:

Can you use a digital coupon AND paper/manufacturer coupon on the same item?

Amber Haithcock says:

Can you tell me what the upc for dental lite

Kentucky NaNa says:

Hey 👋 chic … love ❤️ ya haul n ya Awesome 👏 at lettin ya know wats excludes,.. n give credit where due ,… 🎯💯💭👏💥👍🏻,.. ya have a beautiful soul 👼 !!! Tks 4 all ya do n much love ❤️ babe !!

Danielle Moretti says:

That's the same bag I use for my coupons! No better use for a penny item than to hold your money saving coupons!

Susan Jones says:

Yessss Christa couponer she is totally on awesome helping make she she explains everything

Brandy Clifton says:

I have two of those mermaid cups and I love them

laura simpson says:

When u use ur digitals is there a specific way to place items on belt for digital coupons to come off right?? So confused

Mary Jo Speigle says:

Love your videos 🥰

Kristi Harding says:

My dentalife was beeping last night

Cheryl Bodenus says:

Nice job! And thank you have a great day!

Cheryl Bodenus says:

Love your music!

Pamela Robinson says:

Freaking Amazing!
Thank you 😊

sarahi alvidrez says:

Check out 51 is giving back $3 for the bic soleil. Y bought them with my $5 off $25 Saturday 4 of them and got $12 back 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

mamarissa says:

Leaving the diaper coupons is a wonderful idea! I'm gonna start doing that! 💜💜💜 I very rarely use my diaper coupons unless they'll make the diapers free, which is SO rare, but I always clip them.

LilMamaK says:

I noticed Saturday when using a $3 Bic pq and scanning first before inputting my phone # on my receipt it showed i still had $3 Bic digital that attached to the Solei like normal therefore attaching the $3 pq to Bic Metal that I purchased ..(🤞I only got those hoping the $2 Bic dq would work like it did couple months ago…nope but this was even better😁)

Crystal Curtis says:

Im so sad seeing everyones vids on purple dot items lol my stores have been wiped out for the past 4+ weeks. Lol im in search of a few items to match my one bathrooms decor 😩😩😩 😂 my stores employees literslly stay ON TOP of clearing the floors of any and all penny items and usually 90% off items. Lol i may get lucky and find a misplaced item but very rarely. 🤬👏😥

Tara McElmommy says:

🙀 $.50?!? Amazing haul! Way to go!!! The best part is all the treats for Bowie 🙂

Tresea Brand says:

Y Wouldn't U Take the Expired Horizon Milks to the Register and Tell the Cashier They're Expired so They Can Write Them Off 🤔😉😘

Mark Oren says:

Checkout 51 is giving $3.00 back on each of the Bic Soliel razors you can redeem up to 3 times.

Mathisontanner says:


Monique Robinson says:

Love ur videos! Love to roll with u to diff stores!!😍😍

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