Extreme Couponing Chris and Joni

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Mark Johnson says:

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Isabel Alexander says:

coupenterage πŸ˜‚

Joyce A says:

What store did they shop?

Joyce A says:

I wish I could learn to shop like this Lowell , Mass

Joyce A says:

Save to help America

Joyce A says:

We need to save money away for the kids .

Joyce A says:

We need to fight back for our coupons for single parents.

Janathri Weeratunga says:

They are amazing pple❀ I hope they have da best life possibe ahead f them and that they will b able t help more and more pple

The Tiller Willer!!! says:

a few times I remember when we ran out of milk but had cereal. my mock took our empty carton, went to wawa, and filled it up with the milk.

NoRainNoFlowers says:

i freaking love this YES y’all go

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