Extreme Couponing: Episode 3 – Chrystie And Treasure

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poopslayer100 says:

Do you have a coupon for that ball😨😠😠😦

Nylaaa's World says:

Who Else Is Absolutely In Love With This Show?

Dogs For life says:

Ok so I'm doing this

Max jr says:

I see this like oh dang everything is cheap! "But when I go pay I see the computer say like $155.65" DAmmmM

A'liyah bazan says:

but honestly she has enough to last her FOREVER until they expire

A'liyah bazan says:

OMG I spend way to much, im going to stop throwing all of my coupons away now lol

Wabco Haulpak says:

She's annoying

Davia's life Under construction says:

i wouldve been like "we not going to the same household" lol shoot move along lady

Letty Carlo says:

I wish i knew how to do this

Krista Reneè says:

I want to start extreme couponing so I can donate it to homeless shelters and food pantries

jasmine _underscore_ says:

the check out workers should really get a tip of at least 10 dollars for all that work

Hasloks 714 says:

Yum Christie is fine af I'd smash

Kristiy 67 says:

Who in the comments section wish they could do dat I know I do

Courtney Nicholas says:

The math doesn't make seance. She bought a lot of makeup that was .50 each after all discounts, her Total for just the makeup should have been at least $5.00

Tato Tato says:


Carla653 says:

This is so smart but so cheap

Juel Sostre says:

She is so stupid if I was her husband I would say no keep you own shit

Kawaii Charizard's Cards says:

and they said a penny couldn't get you anything

dyne_tv says:

How would it go to the grocery-stores if everyone had those coupons?

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