Extreme Couponing With Expired Coupons Free Products by Thrifty Coupon Couple

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Before you toss your expired coupons, check with your local grocery store or big box store about their coupon acceptance policy. We were delighted to discover our local Kroger store accepts expired coupons up to 1 week after the expiration date.

When we go to Kroger we always check the price of the items we have expired coupons for (even if the item is not on sale) to see if it is worth using our coupons up. Sometimes, like today’s video explains, we are able to score free products like these Colgate toothbrushes and the Pine Sol.

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Jim and Kelli Shaw are high school sweethearts who have been married over 22 years. They share a passion for living life well and a savvy understanding of ways to save money. Thrifty Coupon Couple is a result of those money saving tips and tricks that they are willing to share with you. You will find printable coupons, sale alerts, online shopping hot deals, ways to save money around your home, tips for reducing your monthly budget expenses, and so much more.

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lisaanndiaz says:

say what my Kroger doesn't double nor triple coupons anymore

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