Family Dollar Deals & Scenario – Smart Coupons – All Digital Coupons – Super Newbie Friendly

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Family Dollar Deals & Scenario – All Smart Digital Coupons

Full List Of Family Dollar Deals 9/5 – 9/26

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ONCEaFan,TWICEtheFUn says:

question on some ones video from a couple of month said that in order to get the 5 dollar off of 15$ your total have to 15$ after coupons for example im trying to get the scott, if i get 3 it would be 15$ and im trying to use 3 manufacturing coupons of 1$ each that would bring my total to 12 dollars would i still get the 5 dollars off?

Crazy Couponing with Eric says:

Hey Greg! Love your videos!!! I am a new subscriber!!! I do a lot of CVS….I haven't started doing Family Dollar or Dollar General. I love that you provide the full breakdown via documents…Thank you for that.

Candice Stewart says:

I have a 3 off of 15 coupon (gameday). I also have the 5 off of 15 for Scotts. Can I use them both in the same transaction?

SexxyL8y says:

Thanks! Picked mine up yesterday

alice hibsher says:

I stopped going to family dollar because whenever I do the promotions the money never comes off. just got frustrating!

00ooAlmaoo00 says:

Tfs greg! I was running low on toilet paper now i know where to go

Authoress-Madelyn Lugo says:

are digital coupons same as manufacturing ones?

zaripow says:

Thank you for all that you do, I appreciate you helping me save my coins. I have been following your deals and they have been working out great.

Teresa Phillips says:

Thank you for sharing with all of us I wish I could print this

Amy Stotts says:

Does Family Dollar do the $5/$25 coupons like dollar general?

Jennifer Harris says:

Yasssss!!! Thanks Greg!!!😘😍🤗🤗

deebeauties says:

How do the b1g1 free febreeze coupon works in the b1g1 free clipped coupons?

bosslady1598 says:

Hello Greg,
Thanks for sharing. I did do the deal today. And yes, people have to slow down and read the items. I had wanted to change how I was couponing. I was spending way to much at Target. This takes a little getting use to; but so far I have shopped twice and the deals came out correct. So, over the next 2 months I'm going to see if I'm doing better.
Again Greg thanks for all you do. I'm glad you are back doing some videos.

Naturaldiva32 says:

Thanks Greg!! Appreciate your hard work

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