First GEARBEST review package. Money off coupons in discription box.

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Lars Buskkraft says:

I really like the looks of that black G10 and brass folder! A wee bit big for me maybe (I'm a little bit bigger than a dwarf) But then again I sometimes carry a Buck110 that I got from a german collector. I would love to hear Jim's opinion on that one 🙂

Troy Wheatley says:

Good scores Mr. PADDY….Can I recommend the KIZER s to you? GREAT knifes and great prices! CHEERS

Martin Whitney says:

I'm liking the look of the Brother! Have fun with the reviews! 😉

Steven Smith says:

Nice knives! Very excited about the reviews, especially the second one.

The Knife Beater says:

Thanks for the vid paddy. I like the looks of that Brother knife. It looks like it might be a 2-handed knife, or until it breaks in some.

slidetek says:

Didn't see you put this video up – I've been slacking on my YT viewing. The Brother is the most intriguing to me, I've not seen it. A lot of people have loved that Ganzo, looks like you got a good one. I'll be interested to see if the Fura Poison copy uses bearings. I sure wish they'd try something original though. They seem to be of decent quality, so I hope they follow Ganzo's lead.

Knife Monkey says:

Nice choices my friend quality on a budget

anthony miller says:

I am really interested in that fura knife I have been looking at those. Looking forward to seeing your revue.

Luís Silva says:

I've the Brother and the Ganzo myself. The Ganzo is a real gem, only wish it was thinner behind the edge, but not too bad, EDC'd it for months. The Brother I am a bit dissapointed in, it looks like your model is much better than mine, as mine gained side-to-side play quickly (fixed it with a vice and ball-peen hammer, but still), and the grind on mine is asymmetrical and thick as all hell. If it was a machete I would understand, not a wee knife like it is.

Jesper WM says:

I got a Ganzo F7611 like yours with the mail a week ago. I was very disappointed, it is probably the worst flipper I've had as has been on bearings. The Thumb stud seems impeccable, but the flip is really bad.

Stutterin` Bob says:

Sexy slippery slicers 😁

Bubba Peppers says:

Looking forward to the reviews… good luck!

manzilkumar mandal says:

Gear best is shit ,no good return policy , 2 nd if you give negative review they removed it so you will always find review to be 4 star rating

NotTooSuckyReviews says:

Awesome video Paddy! You've got the first spoken English review of any sort that I've seen of that new Brother, can't wait for the review, but it'll be hard to lay off that checkout button until you post it 😉
Also, that Ganzo G751 has been up in my top 4 Ganzos for a full year now. I removed the thumbstuds because they're just not needed. The bearings work great. Then I decided it was a bit of a fat boy and I sanded off some of the thickness of those G10 scales to slim it down 🙂 The grinds and centering are more consistent for this model than most Ganzos, but it is rather thick behind the edge. It can be mentioned that it's in the shape of the ZT 0606. The stripes do glow, but not too well.

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