FREE COUPONS-How to get coupons for a free product!

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If you guys ask to join the couponing facebook group make sure to answer the question “How long have you been couponing” or I will not accept your request, due to spam.

Hey guys! Here’s how you can get free coupons and even free coupons for a free products. Just go to the facebook group and check out the pinned post.


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Our Facebook Couponing Group: Coupon Deals

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Must have rebate apps:

IBOTTA refferal link:


Couponing YouTuber’s I watch regularly & recommend:
Deals by Mary
Michelle’s Frugal Livin
Couponing with Toni
Free Stuff Finder
Living rich with Coupons
Jeff Saves with Coupons
Nichole Burgess

My favorite Couponing Websites

The Best Stores to Coupon at:
Dollar General
Rite Aid
Dollar Tree


couponerfrombrooklyn says:

New subbie!! I so agree

Fidgetz Family says:

Cvs has digital coupons now in case you don't know

Fidgetz Family says:

You are the absolute best!

Kristina Itzel says:

I dont have a facebook 😳 can you share the list?

Martha Hernandez says:

Great tips.👍 I don't have facebook but can u share list ?😧 God bless you

Michelle Cimino says:

This is off topic of this video.. but I have a question about the penny finder app.. I thought you mentioned there was a tutorial video for it.. I can't seem to find one.. or I missed heard you.. any info is much appreciated.. thanx..

edmond e says:

Add Deer Park Water will send you a free coupon.

kelly titchenell says:

What do you put in the email when you send it? Do you just ask if they send coupons?

Terry Lee says:

Hi Christa, I did not get the DG breakdown email. Would u please email me those. …

Coupon Diva says:

Can I use a 3$ off 15 with the 2$ off 10 at he same time?

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

Great video

Jackie Tilley says:

Hi christa. I agree ☝️ found myself purchasing coupons on a few occasions and ended up spending too much on them.

A. Hill says:

Thanks so much. I keep forgeting about the list lol

Nancy Barnes says:

Thanks Christa! Also if you have a Dollar Tree they get the Sunday newspapers on Monday to sell for $1.

Jackie Lee says:

Do you mind if I add your video link to my local group?

Queen J Savings says:

I would love to join!!! Please link the group.

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