Free sample freebies/coupon haul and prize mail October 2013-November 4th. The largest, Smiley360

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This is a huge free samples and freebies in the mail huge haul. This is the best I have ever seen and the most! Check out all the great free samples. If you have any comments or questions I would love to answer them. Please subscribe and like! Biggest freebie video

My newest freebie video:

UPDATE: I left out one (mario badesco) just fill out there online profile and you get sent free samples!

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TheCraftingFroggie says:

I live in Oregon too

Ziggy Rodzen says:

how do you get apples for free from places. What website do you get you're coupons?

Chuck Harris says:

these freebies are only limited for U.S citizens?

Destiny Bennett says:

what r some free sites u use

Sophia Grace says:

how long did it take for you to start getting missions on smiley 360??? I just joined and I haven't gotten any missions yet. 🙁

beautifulchill xo says:

I need help on how to sign up to get free stuff pleaseee help me <33

Steph O says:

I wish you could send this stuff to british freebie collectors! Ah man 🙁

TheFashiongirlparis says:

Oh sorry never mind haha

Stacey McFarland says:

Wish u would of added links to sites u use. 🙁

Emily Carter says:

Yesshhh! A fellow Oregonian, lol

Megan Steele says:

u are the first person so far that i have heard lives in the same state as me! 🙂

V E L M A L E E says:

Subbeddd chec out my channel

cassady smith says:

how do you get all this free stuff? please answer 

Symonne Patrick says:

How long would you say it takes samples to arrive???

TheFashiongirlparis says:

How do the people on Facebook get your address ???

OnlyAddictedtohauls90210 says:

Wow I live in Canada and I get something like 1 thing in 3 Weeks!!
I spend a lot of time trying to get stuff but.., I've never gotten that much and it's been over like… 3 MONTHS!! Anyways check out my channel: OnlyAddictedtohauls90210

stephanie passman says:

You said there was a promo code for julep but never mentioned it …

bflyrenee says:

Thank you everyone for watching please subscribe and like/comment! I am almost at 1,000 views and 100 subscribers yeah! Thank you! 

Jes says:

Would you mind giving me the email for NeilMed?

kamaria gabourel says:

wat sites do you use?sorry to ask

bflyrenee says:

Perfume samples are either Facebook or threw ordering beauty products

sampling southern says:

how do you get all the perfume samples?

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