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This was my entry into the Vita-Mix blender promotional video contest held in December 2009. While it wasn’t selected as a finalist video for the $10,000 prize, I still had a good deal of fun making it, and figured I’d share it here — but the free shipping coupon code is still valid and should be always! 🙂


imlivingandlearning says:

I can't imagine a video more worthy of 1st place than this one. That was AWESOME!!! Creative, funny, FUN, spirited. C'mon! WHO were the judges??? LOL Loved it!

Please post the winning video on your site for us. I MUST be able to see what could possibly have been better.

CenterQuest says:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. You too – can make super hero food! …. If only you had a vita-mix.

Debbie says:

What do you mean you didn't win??

Too cute! And I'd love to watch a video of you playing the piano… yep!

Debbie *Ü*

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