Free Shipping Supplies Finding & Using the EBAY Quarterly Coupon

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How to find and use your EBAY Quarterly Coupon to get FREE Shipping Supplies

This is just a quick little instructional video on where to find and how to use your EBAY Quarterly Shipping Supplies Coupon. This video is geared more toward the newer EBAY Sellers who may have just upgraded to a Store or are thinking about upgrading to a store. And how to Redeem your Quarterly Coupon and Score some Awesome FREE SHIPPING SUPPLIES !

Please feel free to ASK any Questions you might have In the Comment Section Below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

Thanks for Watching Everyone ! Fins Up !

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Timothy Thomas says:

Thanks I always forget .

ikeshia1981 says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! lol I was going nuts trying to figure this out. 😁😁😁

Kevin Plasmier says:

Couldn't remember how to find the coupon and of course eBay hides it on you in hopes that if you don't remember to look for it will go unused saving them money.

Rhodes Rage Bodybuilding says:

I almost forgot about this. Swooped in and ordered 2 of the 12" x 15" polymailers. Got a lot of Halloween costumes that go in those perfectly! Thumbs up!

Karen Curry says:

Ty for this video!

Lazy Loafers says:

Thank you! I was trying to figure this out the other day!!!!

Ole Pal says:

I just upgraded to a premium store and received my $50 supplies ( TYVM!) I missed out on last month $25 by not knowing this step. Have a great Q4! TFS

Jim's Jamz & Junk says:

Thanks for the timely reminder Andy!

Laury Macauley says:

Hey, how do you ship caps (hats)? I know you sell a lot of them.

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