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Stacey Graves Cross says:

I had a mixed black lab named Duke. He died at 7 years old due to heartworms. It was awhile back and loved him. Anyway heartworms is no joke. I've learned my lesson the hard way. Point is everyone get your babies on heartworm prevention treatments. Loved your video and sorry you lost you baby to cancer. I also hope Duke is ok now

DigBoy Poland says:

i have a tyson yay

lmg says:

Really like the Shutterfly calendar. It's a great idea. Lovely dogs, too. TFS.

Dawn Losch says:

Don't miss the free biore pore strip in the 17 magazine…it works amazingly!!!

Hellokitty Kitty says:

praying for duke. ive been through cancer and chemo so i feel for him. love you my youtube sis. going to look on web to try and get some freebies as well and magazines. thanks u for being the wonderful person. im going to join your blog. 💋💋☕

Robin Grams says:

can u add the links what u got free please thank for. sharing very nice stuff

dady2439 says:

is your dog doing fine now?

ToriZee says:

I heard that sound in the background and kept trying to figure out why my alarm was going off when my phone was right beside me. I had to pause the TV and turn it back on. Still when it came back on I automatically picked up my phone.

Lisa Rose says:


Gea May says:

so many magazines! do you actually get to read them all??

Qponclippingteacher says:

Awesome!! How do you find out about all these freebies? Is there a site or facebook page you follow? Thanks for sharing! Love your channel!

leiawapuhi01 says:

Good Going. {{{HUGS}}} to y'all.

Melissa Az says:

Hi! Will you still be able to send me the scotch tape martini glass dispenser? Thanks!

Philip Gipson says:

Very incredible.

Blessedly Made says:

Nice pictures of duke n Tyson .

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