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S.R.M.7105 code :OUT20OFF
S.R.M.7073 code :OUT20OFF
HX EDC Knife : code:OUT20OFF
HX D-153 D2 : code:OUT20OFF
BROTHER 1601 : code:OUT20OFF
Tekut LK5280 : code:OUT20OFF
Tekut folding knife : code :OUT20OFF

Reviews on all knives to follow.


Steve Rivera says:

The new-look makes you look very smart! Nice short reviews on the six knives very nice.

chris osh says:

I'm a bit late on this one, congrats on the Grand Slam, I'm English but I don't really mind who wins if the rugby is good. Rugby is about the only sport I like to watch other than bikes.
I saw there is a new Sanrenmu multi tool out, I would love to see a review on one if you can get one, I know GB has them in stock,
the model is Sanrenmu 7116 SUE – GH – T7 Multifunctional Folding Knife. Hope you are not too hung over, Grand Slam and Paddy's day together.

Scott G says:

I have a few Brother knives, and despite the lack of originality, they seem well made. They also sell some discontinued Bryd knives, sold as Brother brand, though label Byrd. Overall, I think Brother knives are virtually identical to the Byrd brand in quality, and I suspect It is more than a coincidence. There are many mixed reviews on these knives and I look forward to your take.

Spud Gunn says:

Oi,oi, Paddy, happy St Patrick's Day, and ( he says through gritted teeth) congratulations on the Grand Slam! (Mutter, mutter, bloody Irish, mutter mutter!!) Enjoy the hangover, I won't!!
By the way, no offense intended, just an Englishman congratulating an Irishman the only way he knows how!

Chris Con says:

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Very nice knives…that β€œBrother” is huge!

bladecentered says:

Great pick ups paddy! Spring look is looking good, you're ready to go back in the military now!

Rangefindergeneral says:

Happy St Patricks day, I'll have a glass later, SlΓ‘inte.

Dave Donkey says:

Hope we win the rugby today did you send the wife on a weekend break lol

Dave Donkey says:

Happy St Patrick's Day p

Knife Culture USA says:

I used to have a zero in green and what I liked about it was it felt like a more expensive knife then it was. It you put another company’s name on it , it would sell for more. I did like it , but had to get rid of it to make room for others.

Blue Collar Survival says:

Who is this little kid doing Paddy's videos?!? I still look like a wild man. I've been meaning to shave for months now but the day just hadn't come lol. Nice review thanks Paddyβ˜˜πŸ‘

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