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We are giving all members 100 hours, right now, to choose one lucky member and prepare all existing members in the network. Make sure that nobody misses this once in a lifetime opportunity. Remember that all new people that join during the first 100 hours before Wednesday will have the most powerful start ever with a free extra education package!

Then, on Wednesday, April 29, you will have exactly 100 hours to use the Education Package.

From Wednesday, April 29 at 9.00 pm CEST, ALL members in Crowd1 can find a gifted Education Package with €99 in your back office to pay it forward.

We are giving you 100 hours right now to prepare and choose your lucky new member. Then, on Wednesday, April 29, you will have exactly 100 hours to give the gifted Education Package.

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Bello Wasiu says:

For any questions
Please join our telegram group

Karanama Gregory says:

i want the package brother

Jumbo Roy Rynga says:

Can i get free gift code i cnt affort to buy a package

Ronald Apas says:

can i get gift codes?

ira joyce Sanchez says:

i want to join, but i can’t afford the price of package

Nahom Zemedkun says:

Hey sir I am from ethiopia and I want to join crowd 1 but I don't have money ….can I get a free gift code from You please…I want to join your team


sir can I get any gift codes from you to join crowd1 opportunity..hope me I will support to our downline

Don't You Dare !!! says:

I will support your channel all the time..I am your first supporter.

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