Grocery shopping in Canada is it cheap?

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Grocery shopping in Canada is it cheaper than the USA?

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Johan Fagerström Jarlenfors says:

But that was pretty big packages though… most of them at least. Must be enough for at least a month or even two for some of the things.
Big package = higher price at the time but lower price in the long run.

I have looked up prices in us grocery stores and canadian grocery stores (mostly online) and both of the countries are cheap compared to my country. And for me it doesn’t seem to be a big difference between us and canada but of course… local prices differs etc…
norwegians usualy go to my country to buy things since they think it is cheaper here and well, some things are and some things are not especially when our currencies are avout the same value… when they differs more and the norwegian is higher they can buy in sweden extremly cheap. To ad to this info is that the stores they usualy go to are speciall border stores that has a lot higher price than the normal ones in sweden😂

Patricia Wells says:

Also the smaller the town in Canada the higher the grocery prices!

patrick daigle says:

“how did we get you”

“I remember now… I was raped” 😂 bruh I’m dead

Lorna Sanderson says:

Alberta is way cheaper and we don't have the pst either.

Donna Marshall says:

Would have been 700.00 at Foodland.😣

jacob solomon says:

Butttt — if your beautiful children get sick, you can afford to take care of them. I would rather pay more for groceries then choose between groceries and paying for my child to receive medical attention. We are very lucky to live in Canada !

Ana Fagundes says:

Chips and pop are not basic needs items. A 99 cents bag of chips and a dollar pop will add to your bill and there's no nutrition value. Thanks for the video tho.

james lastimoso says:

Im single so is still that expensive for me? Im considering Canda for work any comments or suggestion?

Roboman says:

Y'all are getting ripped off, I could buy that stuff all for 30-40$ max, for 100$ I can fill a grocery cart maybe two. Hell in Florida you pay no taxes on food. You also can make almost cali wages, but have no bills. Four bedroom house for 100k, while making over 100k a year in a tech firm job, filling two grocery carts full from Walmart for max 100-200$. Legally own as many guns, also car insurance is only like 125 for both my cars. It never snows, it's always 70-90 degrees, lol what's up move to florida

Jesus Christ says:

canada fucking sucks, low wages and extremely high prices on every single thing while getting to live in a semi siberian run down frozen shit hole paying 1500$ a month for a cardboard box apartment

Brenda Cowell says:

We pay 25% or more on our wages/earnings plus 13% on almost everything else plus fuel, electric ect. Sucks!

Brenda Cowell says:

Hi nd here I think you live near us. Southwestern Ontario Canada


6:06 xddddd


Video starts at 5:00 👋😎

BlizzardPeak says:

$252.00 so like $190.00 USD as of today 9/6/19
Pricey but I live in Southern California, so it’s kinda similar lol

Mette Jepsen says:

Well secutiry health care, maternity leave.. they all cost money… imagine how much it would suck to do without free health care.. no thanks…

Andrew Haslock says:

Even more expensive here in Vancouver, BC… everything is pretty much double the price here compared to Ontario

Appolo P says:

50% off the vegie platter, did you check the expiry date?

Willan Khatter says:

How did we get you.? Oh I remember now, I was raped😂 😂 😂

Diane Jackson says:

As someone who lives in Ontario Canada I have never paid $8 for milk. Plus my grocery bill for a family of 5 ranges between $120 to $150 every 2 weeks depending on what we need. Your bill was high due to the 10 cases of similac. Once your child moves onto solids your bill will not be that high.

Michael Petersen says:

the video starts @4:30

Lori Lyn says:

Food prices in Canada are nuts! It’s the only thing I’ve found so far that makes me want to stay in the USA is your groceries and taxes. It’s outrageous.

paula shepherd says:

Wv has no tax on food

Gil C says:

Grocery shopping at Walmart? that's for poor people.

Richard Thomas says:

Are all groceries(foods, etc.) taxed in Canada?

EM mama says:

Big deal. We pay more in NY..

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