Harbor Freight Coupons August 2022 Instant Savings Coupons

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Harbor Freight Coupons August 2022 Instant Savings Deals plus Deals of the Week for the end of August. We have over 70 items on Instant Savings Deals this week and this sale runs through September 15. In this video we’ll Talk Tools and look at what coupons are good and which ones to stay away from! I will also give you details about other Harbor Freight sales going on at the same time so you can save big using other coupons available during this sale. What does Harbor Freight have on Instant Savings Sale for this month? Some items in this flyer have 20% discount, 25% discount and even 50% discount. If you have been looking for a 20% off Coupon and 25% Off Coupon we will probably get more of those very soon so if you are subscribed to my channel you’ll get the notification. If you’re not subscribed then you’ll miss out!

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Here are the latest Instant Savings coupons for August, PLUS Watch the full intro for details on other sales going on right now.

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