Home electronics retailers offer big deals to attract stimulus vouchers

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Retailers are rushing to attract people spending the government”s “Triple Stimulus Vouchers,” and home electronics are no exception. Many retailers are offering quite incredible discounts. That includes unusual offers such as “buy one TV, get one free,” in some cases meaning customers can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Home electronics retailers want YOU – to spend your Triple Stimulus Vouchers. Massive discounts have enticed shoppers to think about a new home gadget.

Many products are sharply discounted if bought with a voucher. This bestselling 65-inch HD TV has a price tag of NT$170,000, but with a discount and a free giveaway, there’s almost NT$50,000 off that price. This 75-inch product has a NT$20,000 discount for cash payments.

Wang Pei-i
Home electronics retailer
Recently, in light of the whole environment and especially the impact of the stay-at-home trend on the economy, we realized more and more consumers are tending to buy high-end audiovisual products. That’s affected our Triple Stimulus Voucher promotion. We’ve launched our summer stimulus package, the “triple discount.”

There are discounts of up to 28% on Samsung products, good for purchases made with cash or vouchers. The saving’s worth almost NT$50,000. Chimei’s promotional package offers rewards of up to NT$10,000. While selected Sony purchases made before Aug. 16 come with a free surround-sound system and discounts of up to NT$5,000, Sharp is offering NT$6,000 discounts.

Wang Pei-i
Home electronics retailer
In TVs, we’ve grown sales by 30% compared to last year. Now with the Triple Stimulus Voucher effect, we hope to achieve the goal of 50% sales growth we set at the start of the year, for monitors over 75 inches and 8K HD TVs.

The retailer’s “triple discount” applies to QLED TVs bought before the end of July, and includes a free speaker system thrown in. There’s even a “buy one TV, get one free” offer that aims to capture the vouchers’ profits and make the summer a sizzler for electronics.


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