How Do I get my Coupons!!

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Well here is part 1 of how I coupon and today I covering where and how I get my coupons!
I get my Sunday papers at Dollar Tree because they are a dollar each. Reg price for a paper is 2.00 plus tax here in California.. (ick)

To help me get the best deals without spending hours and hours and hours with a headache at the end I go to one of my favorite sites
She breaks down the sales and coupons for you and gives you ideas on the best deals. As always you pick and choose what you need and want.
I get 4 papers each Sunday because most of the coupons you can only use 4 each in a transaction. Plus.. I have 4 people living here so I get 1 paper per person. That is a good way to decide how many papers you need.

My big tips are to clip only those coupons you use and always keep them with you… If you don’t have it with you how can you use them to get the best deals.

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