How I get Stuff for FREE and Cheap using Coupons

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Here is just an example of the types of items I am able to save BIG on by using coupons. I love being able to get items like toilet paper and laundry detergent for cheap. And I really love it when I am able to shop FOR FREE, especially when I get paid to shop! Couponing can be time consuming, but the benefits are well worth the effort! If you have any questions, or video requests regarding couponing, just let me know. I will be happy to help.

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Hi! I’m Lauren! I am a recently married southern girl who loves everything domestic, saving money, and YouTube. Join me for fun weekend vlogs, coupon tutorials, money saving tips, hauls, DIY projects, and more!

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kaciecuse says:

Also, I wish I had a CVS closer to me… I have Wallgreens and Rite-Aid

kaciecuse says:

Omg I heard about the flooding down there! That's horrible! But something that's not horrible is how much you saved here! I sooooo need to learn how to do this, and find the time! Although, all the time I spend browsing Target I could be figuring out how to save not and not figuring out what I'm about to spend lol I'm taking note of your skills, I really have to get the hang of hunting for deals!

ahjummacated says:

Ooh Sonia Kashuk brushes! Let me know how they are! 🙂 What a nifty Tide P&G deal, you're a savvy couponer!

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