How I Organize My Coupons (Get Organized in 5 Minutes for UNDER $5!)

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My name is Jacob and I am in LOVE with couponing. I started couponing when I was 10 years old (you could almost call me a prodigy). Since then I have saved THOUSANDS. Literally THOUSANDS. On this channel I’ll show you how to save 90% on personal and household items, and occasionally some grocery hauls (you should always try to save about 50%). I run a blog currently all by myself where I break down most of the deals I show you here. ( Along with haul videos I do post coupon matchups, quick deals/notifications, vlogs, couponing humor videos, and a little dab of etc. This is a sharing and learning zone so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I’m here to help because who doesn’t love a teenage boy telling YOU how to shop. No I’m kidding, couponing is hard at first but in the end the little bit of time you put in can save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Just think, if a ten year old boy watching Reality TV can do it, you can too! Thanks for coming to my channel and while you are here you mine as well subscribe. 🙂
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Shannon Cook says:

I have a similar method but I don't take all my coupons to the store with me.  I have considered putting them in my car.  I do end up making several trips to some stores the way I do it, but I go in with a very planned trip.  Not perfect, but I'm not sure how I plan to change it.

Heather Bates says:

I'm pretty new at couponing. I've tried the smaller accordion wallet. It was a lot of work to cut them all out. Skipped the binder as everyone was advising and went to file size accordion file (cost $2.79) with flap and elastic band. I marked manila folders with the date, etc, lightly in pencil so to erase and reuse the folders as needed. I like it so far. It's kind of what you have but upright. I just found you here on Youtube. You are awesome. I really like how you write the details of each item you purchased on a paper so we can see clearly, no mistake. I find that it's time consuming to find a coupon, when we're following someone's deal, if they forget to mention where it is located. Your kindness comes across through the screen. Thank you for the work you put in to helping us. I greatly appreciate you.

myownIDENTITY says:

Hello, great tips! I'm a binder girl myself :). I saw you added me to your couponer tag playlist…Thanks!

Jotique Harlee says:

I love that idea I'm getting folders this week.

April Ann Reyes says:

I absolutely love this video. I always feel that I need absolute organization but it does take me forever. thanks for this video

THE LARA'S and Perez too says:

I've been doing a similar thing. I agree with you clipping coupons is too time consuming.

Jeff SavesWithCoupons says:

Interesting. I use the accordion file system.

Amanda Buckland says:

see it all depends in the person i NEVER wanna be in a store clipping coupons so i take the extra couple min to clip what ill use and put them in a real binder that way im super organized in the store ..also i can see what coupons i have if i hit clearance if u have more time in store this will work or vice versa..dont know why im rambling lo thank u jacob!!!

Marisol Rodriguez says:

TFS 🙂 it does really help:)

Sprinkled With Sophy says:

Great method! I have inserts in a storage box and clipped coupons in my accordion binder. Might need a new accordion binder though!

Joscelyn t says:

I do something similar. I went to dollar store and bought jumbo paper clips (clamps ) and I group together all like coupon books and use posted note with date and just clamp them together so when you tell us newbies what coupon to look for for a certain item they are easy to find.

suzyfreestuff says:

thanks so much i will definitely be doing this appreciate u for your videos keep em coming👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

Joscelyn t says:

you are just a mess today lol

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