How NBA Sneaker Deals Work, Nike Basketball All Star Collection, and Kobe is the “Last Emperor”

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A look at the 3 types of NBA Sneaker deals, a closer shot of the Nike Basketball All-Star collection for Kobe, LeBron, and Kevin Durant, and Kobe is the Last Emperor with the Kobe 11.

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How NBA Shoe Deals Work:–how-nba-shoe-deals-work-032155839.html


Emperors, All-Stars, and What NBA sneaker deals really look like. I am your host Jacques Slade and this is Today in Sneaks

It is the last year that we will see Kobe Bryant do his thing on an NBA court and Nike is giving us a colorway that hints at his legendary status with the Last Emperor. The upper is flyknit as you should expect and the color switches between black and white. An ode to one of the greatest players of all time, the MVPS, the Championships, the All-Star performance and the like. It’s a simple look that works on this design. Look for these to arrive on February 4th for $200

Today the hottest things to hit our world is the announcement of the Nike Basketball All-Star collection. The Collection includes kicks for LeBron of course with the LeBron 13, For Kobe with the Kobe 11, Paul George with the Hyper Live, and KD with the Nike KD8. Of the bunch, my favorite is the Nike Audactiy for Anthony Davis. I love that it has fear the Brow across the Air Unit. All of these are inspired by Toronto’s origins and are scheduled to release on Feb 11.

When it comes to the NBA, sneaker deals are a dime a dozen. Today, as part of the new blog The Vertical, Nick Depaula broke down some of the economics of a shoe deal. Basically, there are three types s deal that players can get. A merch deal, a cash deal, and a signature deal. A merch deal is just that, a brand will give a player a stipend to go and buy product. This can be as little as $5000 up to $10K or more. These deals are usually for the guys that don’t play very much or at all. Stepping it up from there are the cash deals. This when the player start to make some money and can range from 100K to Millions of dollars. This is the deal that most players in the league that you know about have and these guys are the players that get PEs. Stepping up from there are signature deals. These deals are from the top of line player like LeBron, Kobe, Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Durant, and others. No two deals are alike, but for the most part, these guys make the most money and get royalties and bonuses based on their performance and the sales of their shoes. This is where you want to be. Of course this is just scratching the surface. Check the link below for more details.

For the question of the video, If a sneaker brand gave you a signature shoe, what would it be called? I think I would go with my initials, the Beep JRS 3 or 4. Let me know your thoughts down below.

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Sebyz Beatzzz says:

I have the Kobe 11

bat squad says:

dawaun 1 or dw 1

Rebecca Quinn says:

my shoe will be called PG 24s

ThatCelticsFan says:

I'd probably name my signature shoes "D 4orce 1" And keep making them

Sam Wheatley says:

SW prime elite

Alben Stevenson says:

The Airbens™

Nicolas Chuang says:

I appreciate you too!! 👍🏼

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you look like a bobblehead in this vid 😀

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Mans gonna get shot wit dad cloths do

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I love your videos bro!! 😊🤘🏿

Dharl Estacion says:

Jacques slade can I have one of your shoes please I am a sneaker fan 😊😊 please

Anthony Alvarez says:

Id make my shoes the double a's

Jack Retshitzegger says:

Well my favourite shoe brand is Nike so id call mine Nike JAR 1s

REAL_JOSH_ says:

It either be "The Rehiel 1" or "Josh 1s"

Lovis Starcke says:

So are players with a Cash deal forced by contract to wear the brand in game ? And if so does a nike deal player get to wear Jordans on court ?

trey Stewart says:

all star pack is disappointing this year

Pernection says:

I would have my own shoe under my brand name, Hartiwanger and it will be call the Firmament featuring a fiberglass insert behind the logo

Treycoyne12 says:

Those all star Durants tho 🔥🔥

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Hyper what??

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