How neoliberal meddlers pushed 'coup' on Bolivia (Full show)

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President Trump applauded the resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous president and longest-serving head of state in Latin America. RT America’s Michele Greenstein (in for Rick Sanchez) reports. Then RT producer Dr. Enrique Riviera shares his expertise. He explains why the pressure that led to Morales’ resignation wasn’t democratic at all. (02:57) The controversial White Helmets, also known as the ‘Syria Civil Defense’ group, have confirmed that former British Army officer James Le Mesurier, the man behind their support and training, was found dead in Istanbul, Turkey. (10:54) Tens of thousands of US veterans are homeless while others struggle to access healthcare and receive treatment for mental health issues. Seventeen US veterans commit suicide every day. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. Then Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins to discuss. He points out that politicians refuse to even openly declare war despite their willingness to send Americans to the battlefield. (12:54) RT’s Caleb Maupin reports on US media’s practiced willingness to amplify narratives that discredit President Trump without giving due weight to the stories it gets wrong. (21:45) Plus, we look at a pair of shocking videos from Hong Kong’s increasingly violent protests. (25:34)

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Feifei Chen says:

YouTube certified good journalism.

Sashen Gounden says:

Youtube just censored the video for me, flagged as inappropriate content. This is news based on facts, in which world is it inappropriate?

Zaky El Anfasa says:

Age-Resticted Video

Aleksandar Sarovic says:

Trump sited right beside Morales and could not stand it. The rest is history.

Chris Sheridan says:

Thank you Russia I can finally watch the news again

GregS says:

get the RT app in play store.

emarco3 says:

Your video has been placed on some form of 'soft restriction'. I wonder, is this restriction global or just in the my region in the Caribbean.

Jurgen Pagel says:

What you will see next is the ABSOLUTELY TOTALY PARASITING LEECHING of the LARGEST LITHIUM FIELDS ON THIS PLANET in Bolivia by the US GOV / US CORP's . The Bolivian People have noooo clue what is going on or what is happening — BUT VERY VERY SOON — AFTER THE RAPISTS WILL LEAVE , Bolivia has been stripped of everything and the People will still be poor . Mark my Words here today – THE US GOV RAPISTS ARE COMING FOR YOU BOLIVIA 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

Gary Jordan says:

Why is this marked by You Tube as 'offensive'?

Donita1213 says:

I just watched a video about the reality show, 90 day fiance. That video wasn't age restricted. And all of the content was very adult orientated. YOUTUBE your ass is showing.

Rios Salvajes says:

This video has been flagged "by viewers", according to You Tube… Or when reporting many confirmed events are too "hot" to be known.
The US is getting more Totalitarian by the day, in front of our eyes.

AZOffRoadster says:

Had to switch to Chrome to view this video. Firefox wouldn't go past the warning prompt.

Khaartoum East says:

What is the reason for YouTube Censorship Age-Restricting this video? There is no content to be Age-Restricted. Google inappropriate censorship needs to be legally challenged.

xXAuronXx says:

Why is the video not showing?

Michael Apanian says:

the UK "light of Democracy"used to kill any protestors in Hong Kong & they were not allowed to vote, thses protestors are paid puppets for the west

Michael Apanian says:

working mens sons , fighting rich men's wars

Rick Thomasd says:

What is it with YOUTUBE. I received a warning flag that this content was deemed inappropriate or offensive. Never, AND I MEAN NEVER, believe this was appropriate for any news program on Russia Today, and I have been watching since 2011.

Paul Wk says:

Just when you think the archetypical corrupted deep state machine and it's cohorts (looking at you Alphabet inc) can't sink any lower on the Luciferian Orwellian scale, they go and pull their biggest censorship propagandist card to-date against RT; with this forced choice acceptance action on the viewer under the guises of Age-restriction, "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. I UNDERSTAND AND WISH TO PROCEED". Clearly Google believes 'its time to prevent true news again'. Someone from RT legal should look into this; and before bots are released from the Open Foundation (OF) programme calling out the 'save the children' from seeing scenes from the OF bank rolled extended violent protests in Hong Kong, lets remember RT is reporting on actual news. Google does not care about the community, this is purely Hegelian Problem, Reaction, Solution to silence RT from speaking truth to power.

Gia Pacella says:

Warning on this video 👉 Bolivia Chile Lithium being pillaged by Germany Elites

Diddley Squat says:

Your TV app does not let me watch this. I get an "endless loop" of proceed to watch and confirm, which goes back to the first and then the second, over and over. Catch 22. I'm using your Roku app. But had to watch this on my computer because I could never have seen it on my television.

This is a show I watch every day, sometimes live, usually the recorded version.

There's nothing offensive here. It's honest coverage everybody needs to hear.

Positive Universe says:

I just had to post this on

Dogstar says:

Intelligent, concise and very hot.

chris sandoval says:

I got a youtube message saying that the content may be inappropriate for some people. Yes…it may be inappropriate for people who get triggered by true reporting.

Diddley Squat says:

Censorship? What is going on. I watch YouTube for television and this particular video wouldn't play. ''

I got the viewer caution, although there's nothing vulgar or violent (or even close) here. The caution asked me if I wanted to proceed. I hit the yes. It then said "confirm." I did that, too. It went back to the "consent" again and then the "confirm." I went my settings and made sure restricted mode was off, it was. I even reset it to make sure. I tried again and again, and I just turned into a vicious circle of proceed-confirm-proceed-confirm. Even when I went through that twenty times, nothing changed.

It plays on my computer, which is signed in under another account. Even here there's the restriction notice, but I can by pass it.

This is ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing here to justify the restriction, and the TV app takes me into an endless loop so it doesn't play regardless.

Tim Millington says:

The restriction on this video is stupid! They must be afraid of something…

Truth Seekers says:

According to Youtube this show is "inappropriate and offensive"! :-))

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