How to Apply A Coupon Code in the Samsung Galaxy App Store – Updated Process – Jibber Jab Reviews!

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Orkin@toR says:

By the way, the watch will not remain there if you change a simcard, even if you log in to the same account so please be noted

Orkin@toR says:

Does not work in the new Samsung store

Paula Parker says:

This is a helpful video; thank you.

꧁F7 thows乑꧂ says:


Muhammad Usman says:

How to find coupon chode

Ali Kazi says:

Thank you so much πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œβ€πŸ‘

Exp.Malvados 2018 says:

So you can use playstore codes on that or not,also where can i find galaxy store cupons?

Lumin-8 says:

I dont see any screen for adding a coupon? How is that? I use the LG G6 phone….

Yasin Başgül says:

I've been watching you. Thanks JJR.

Mr Spoon says:

Thank you Mr jibber. Love your channel. Have loads of fantastic watch faces thanks to you. A very happy New year to you and keep up such a great job. X

Robert Noblitt says:

Thanks, that is helpful. The last time I had a coupon I nearly gave up, until I finally noticed that little gray "check for discounts".

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