How to Buy Disney World Tickets (And Get Them CHEAP as Possible)

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Many people wonder how to buy tickets to Walt Disney World, and how to get those tickets as cheap as possible. Today, Jacob shows us how to buy Disney tickets the right way and attach them to our traveling party in My Disney Experience.

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Kayla Zegowitz says:

I like your video. You absolutely right


Hi! I like your vídeo sir. I have only one cuestion sorry if I don't know it, but just want to know if a buy a regular ticket to Disney World Resort I can be available to enter to Satr Wars attraction place or to I have to Buy a diference ticket ! ? Sorry about my question is just because is so long time I don't go to Disney

Ahmed Bin Emad says:

Hello 👋 thank you for the video . May I ask you does Disney land Orlando offering free fast pass tickets .

Solo👌 says:

There’s two places you can get cheap Disney tickets that are legit are undercover tourist and get away today

Vero Lucia says:

How do I buy the tickets in the App?

Henry Hill says:

There were 20 of us 2 years ago… that was before this woke crap. No more Disney for us.

User8571 says:

So, let me save you 9 minutes.

This guy has no useful advice for purchasing tickets "cheap as possible" beyond going to Undercover Tourist for multi-day passes and warning against glaringly obvious scams like time share presentations. Everything else presented here can be gleaned from Disney's website.

You're welcome.

Jose Díaz says:

Are the shows and rides include in the ticket or we have to pay separate for everything?

ReOrg Chats says:

What is the usual expiration date for a Walt Disney one day park pass, that was purchased online over a month ago via the Disney site? Checked on the Disney site several times, and was on hold for over 2 hours to get someone on the phone from the help desk.


this info is confusing

Heartbroken says:

Let’s say I buy them on under cover tourist today can I use them any day next week?

Jose Santiago says:

Does the ticket price go up?

frosted1030 says:

We used undercover tourist, and got a very nice VRBO for a fraction of the cost of an onsite hotel. We had a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath full kitchen, and decent sized living room. We also bought food at Walmart, prepped it, and took it into the parks (huge savings).
When we did the math, when we calculate parking at the parks, and the VRBO (a 6 night stay) the total was just under $700 (with tax).
That's half the price of the lowest cost Disney property with a ton of amenities.

LayTheBaddie says:

How far in advance should you book your tickets

DiamondsOnTheSolesOfHerShoes says:

I dunno, if you are on a really tight budget, cheap tickets might be worth the time in a presentation. Just don't buy it!

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