How to buy product and apply promo code from GP Online Shop?

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Get Free Home delivery by using promo code GPA0188
What will you get from GP Online Shop?
• Smart Phones
• Accessories
• Routers
• Wearables
• Modems
• Tab
Why you should buy from GP Online Shop?
1. Free Home Delivery from anywhere of country by using Promo Code GPA0188
2. EMI facility.
3. You will become GP Star if you buy product of more than 10k taka and GP stars get a lot of discount at different restaurants.
4. Original product from manufacturers.
5. Product will be replaced if any problem is found.
6. If you order from Dhaka city and by 11 AM, you will get the product by the same day you have ordered.
7. If you order after 11 AM you will get by the next day.
8. You can pay through online or cash on delivery.
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arif rahaman says:

Ami iPhone 5s kinte cacci eitar price 10k ,but eita ki original product?

Shihab Uddin says:

Vai Ami GP er product online chara buy korte parbo kina?

iam jisan says:

vai..ami order korsi.successful show korse..kintu confirmation sma or mail send kore ni…raat 11 tar por korsi..tai shokal a ki send korar chance ase???????

Devilsy9c says:

📵 yallah !!

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