How to Chant and Why Chanting in Taoism – Secret of Magic

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Revealing you the secrets of spells and chants in Taoism, or at least in our lineage of Taoism. Other sects might have a different theory, and it has nothing to do with ours. Every lineage / sects means a different system, even they are all Taoism, they do not share the same theory, goal and such. If you like our Chinese magic, feel free to e-mail us to get ordain and learn for real. We also encourage you to visit our other channel that is dedicated for magic:

Email : learning@chiinnature.ocm

We accept disciples from worldwide and you do not need to visit us in person to get ordained. Everything is done by distance, and you can learn by distance through direct communication, e-mail, chat app, youtube, video, and such. You do not need to know Chinese to learn too, because we will teach you Chinese as you learn in the lineage. Have fun watching and getting a taste of our Chinese magic of Saam Law Sun Gung.

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ML Hollinger says:

Love you Shifu! Thanks for sharing this precious diamond!

mutsuzawa says:

Thank you for taking the time to post this. It is really good.

mutsuzawa says:

Very good video and explanation. Where can I learn more about ordination.

Amitabha Kassap says:

I am understanding your philosophy little by little. It's closer to Nature, compared to some other myth-based religions. Thanks for taking the pain to explain things.

joes joey says:

Great videos Mak Jo Si!! i am curious tho ive seen all your videos and if i remember in one of your videos you said you dont take people with tattoos im just curious why?if people are people with tattoos or not!! with that said i do respect all what you do very great person thank you!!these videos seem very relaxing im very interested also listened to your flute playing really relaxing life is wierd and tough sometimes and sometime is good to just relax i was able to go out of body experiance with your flute music!

amir sabbagh says:

finaly no lights i can come back now

Way Of Nothing says:

YES!!!! THE TRADITIONAL CHINESE STUFF IS BACK! I got tired of the lights to be honest…



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