How to Coupon at Walgreens: 15 Rules to Save you Money

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Walgreens is one of the top three stores in the country for coupon-shoppers. Every week, posts free deals, money-makers and dozens of deals with at least sixty percent savings on name brand body wash, razors and shave gel, toiletries, paper products and learning supplies!

But, Walgreens coupon policy and “rules” are the most confusing of any store in the country. Between Balance Rewards, Register Rewards, monthly coupon booklets, and in-ad coupons, and manufacturer coupons, there are a lot of moving parts to track!

Before you step foot in Walgreens again, watch Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer’s video and learn the 15 rules we think every shopper should master before couponing at Walgreens!


Flagday 1960 says:

I knew this would be a fun video when the lady fainted… : – )

Evelyn Reneau says:

I have try Walgreen. I hate it. I will stick with cvs.

Juanita Rios says:

i was told by a cashier i could stack my instore booklet coupon with a mfct coupon 😑

Lindsay May says:

Question: I bought 2 L'Oreal products today at Walgreens. They were buy one get one 50% off, so the first item was the original $12.99 and the second item was $4.49 (originally $8.99). I used my Balance card which I had a $2 off L'Oreal coupon on that I had clipped from my phone. The register used that coupon twice. Additionally, there was a $2 off L'Oreal coupon the the May savings book, which I brought to the register and asked to use. The cashier refused and said I had already used it. Aren't the coupons on the Walgreens app manufacterer coupons and the ones on the booklet Walgreens coupons? This was my first time attempting to coupon at Walgreens and I was quite disappointed, I thought the coupon in the booklet would work. Can someone please explain why the cashier refused this coupon?

diana severns says:

I agree I would rather cvs, its way easier then all those rules Walgreens has

MsValle08 says:

number 15! yes! lol

Anita Vaughn says:

Walgreens is really confusing but I'll give it a chance. Thanks for the video!

Cristina's Endeavors says:

ugh , just started couponing last week , I have register rewards money and reward points saved up and have no idea when or when I can't use them. This helped clear things up. Doesn't help that my walgreeens doesn't label a lot of the sales soooo frustrating. I just tell them the Crazy coupon lady says this is the deal ! and show them your app lol!

Shini Selune says:

Wtf am i doing here? Walgreen doesn't even exist in my country!

amelia Seah says:

Can we redeem point and register rewards in a single transaction?

Alicia Lynch says:

So confused

ways2savecoupondays says:

she kind of reminds me of Sandra Lee off of food network. lol

Trish Eichelman says:

I have no idea what's going on

Chass Whipps says:

I got an e-mail stating my birthday month at Walgreens is 100 points for every dollar I spend. I wish you could help me maximize this deal in December! Yes, I am on your site all the time, but this is MEGA!!!

Alahaundra Crear says:

I love Walgreens for my beauty and natural hair care needs but it's so confusing!

Cheryl Hock says:

OMG….That's soo confusing

Susy H says:

Great video! "clear as mud" I agree, Walgreens couponing is confusing.

Will Burke says:

so in other words walgreens is to be avoided like the plague?!! got it!

ernestine hodges says:

that just ASURED me not to go to walgreens

Kay D says:

This was confusing😫😫😫

aribella gutierrez says:

walgreens sucks…love CVS

RobbieP2 says:

Once you master all the rules of couponing at a store such as Walgreens, I guarantee you'll get great deals. There are reasons for their rules, and it's to cover the company. I can't complain about the no overage rule; instead, it makes sense because, in these cases, Walgreens is reimbursed for the lesser of either face value of the coupon or price of the item. On the good side, they allow stacking of coupons, provided one monthly savings book coupon, one weekly ad coupon, and one manufacturers coupon for the same item(s).

Either way, I can't complain because of the three known drug store chains, my hometown only has Walgreens (we used to have Rite Aid and Eckerds).

Juanita Bowens says:

I'm new and it's confusing all I want is for my grocery bill to go down like to a 1.00

IshiriaEsperaga / K. Rinehart says:

As someone who works at Walgreens, believe me, we don't like these stupid rules about coupons either…

tracy painter says:

Walgreen's in Wallace Nc is the worst. They have the worst management that I have ever seen in a store, These rules are ridiculous

Liz Delrio says:

I love their orange clearance I always look for them

mossomness says:

I'm a Walgreens store manager, and I wanted to make a couple corrections to this video:
1. You cannot use a register reward on Milk. Things like register rewards and store credit cards do not work on dairy products.
2. "You have to redeem [points] in the set increments that you earned them". This is not true. You could have been earning points in 1000 point increments, save 40,000, then redeem all of those points together for $50. You just can't redeem an odd number like $21 or something. Here are the amounts you can redeem – $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, $35, and $50.
Also remember, the more points you earn, the more they're worth. It begins as 1000=$1, but when you get to 18000, that's equal to $20. The best deal is 40,000=$50. I always save up to that amount to get the most out of my points.
Make sure you are signed up for Everyday points too. If you are, you earn points for every dollar you spend, and you don't have to worry about finding specific items to earn points. (Just ask the cashier to sign you up. All they have to do is hit a button.)
I promise it is not that terribly complicated once you get used to it. If you find you are confused or overwhelmed (because there is a lot going on), find someone in a grey vest and ask them questions. It is our first priority to help customers.

Demeca DuBose says:

um i can print coupons at home all the time for every thing. I have a stand for all my coupons in my basement i'm serious so if you want some go to eastpointe lambretch address 22410

AnaIsabel Reyes says:

confusing !

aspie4jc says:

Technically only 14 ways.

Rule #2 – You forgot to mention that the card is required in order to use store coupons. You don't need to get a plastic card, but then remember what phone number you sign up with so that you can still get your points and sale prices at checkout.

Rule #3 – Be considerate of others! Don't load up your cart with shampoo, toothpaste, whatever for the sake of collecting coupons and points. Stores are allowed to limit you so that others have a chance to get the same sales.

Rule #4 – If you want to do separate transactions, PLEASE go to multiple stores. Nobody wants to wait in line while you are there with tons of items just to rack up extra register rewards. (Note: If you need separate transactions because you are shopping for someone else or you need to keep business and personal receipts separate, that is completely different. They're happy to help.)

Rule #5 – It makes no sense to give you a register reward when you're spending a register reward. It's the same as giving you a coupon for something you're basically getting for free. Just like using Balance Reward points. How can Walgreens make it any clearer to you?

Rule #10 – Equal number of manufacturer coupons and items purchased. Why do you have to make a big deal out of this?

Rule #11 – "You have to redeem them in the set increments that you earned them." Uh, what? Not accurate. You can choose how many to spend in a transaction, from the increments offered, yes. But let's say you earn increments of 1,000, 2,000, or 5,000 points over the course of a week that totals over 10,000 points. You can spend those 10,000 points all in one transaction of $10 or higher (after coupons and before sales tax).

BONUS TIP: Check out at the cosmetics register if you're buying makeup, hair, or skin products. Cosmetics department usually have extra manufacturer coupons for you! Just ask nicely if there's any coupons available for your items. They used to put round yellow stickers on the items that had coupons, but stores have been ordered to remove those.

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