How To Coupon For Groceries

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snip it with triplets says:

I love watching you. You help me so much with this. I have been couponing for a few months. And I have learned a lot from you. You make it easier to understand.

Rachel Lynn says:

Totally needed this.. all i see is laundry soap and toothpaste everywhere on these hauls! Thank you for this video!

Rezena Enendu says:

Colorado Yankee said It all.

Rezena Enendu says:

Excellent teacher. ty.

Doreen C says:

Great video Jeff. As an experienced couponer, I hear your message about quantity. I think a new person is so excited to get deals, they may not hear the message, but they will get it eventually. Great message. I wish I could get coupons on monster energy drink. It's rare. Target has them inside the box in 2016.

Nia Cunningham says:

Thank You Thank You Thank You 😘😘😘

mlsflamingowi says:

Oh another tip on berries (blueberries raspberries etc) if use cookie sheets & line them with parchment paper you can put the berries on them in a single layer (don't wash the berries 1st) in the freezer (time will vary but overnight should be good) you can then put them in freezer boxes & they won't clump together. So when find a great deal on them & have freezer space you might want to try this.

mlsflamingowi says:

You can stock up on bread. We keep a few different bread & bun bags & twist ties & double those items for the freezer. They'll keep a few weeks. It does help if you have a separate freezer (even a small one). If you forget about them & they're too dried out to use normally dry them on very low heat on pans in the oven & turn them into bread crumbs or make stuffing or bread pudding with it. Can ya tell we've forgotten a few times? lol

Alda Guzman says:

Hi Jeff! These apps checkout51 and the others do you add them to your phone like Ibotta? I am new to couponing to save.

Wilma Santos says:

Jeff, this video is exactly what I needed! I've been wanting to coupon, but had no idea where to go, or what to do. You broke it down so well, that I think I'm ready to do this! THANK YOU sooooo much for doing what you do! I'm so happy that I subscribed to your channel!

Kim Ellis says:

Thanks Jeff, u r a good teacher love your videos!!!😊

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