How to Find the Best Grocery Coupons

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Close Kitty shows you how to find the best grocery coupons to maximize your savings at the grocery store.


William Wynn says:

I have been to several Walmarts looking for that " All You " mag. in Ga. I have not found it. Guess I will have to order it.

FAB CHIC says:

How to find printable Kroger's coupon (w/ Kroger printed on it) for me to stack w/ a manufacturer coupon??????

DestinyGetsBored says:

i dont have a printer, its easiest for me to get paper coupons. i love allyou magazine. do you have any other magazine recommendations? at the beginning of each month i always google "free sample" as well the all you website has a free sample of theday.

beckchasewolfe says:

I got the All You magazine I was so disappointed with it the coupon codes weren't for anything I was use I thought it would be cleaning supplies and food

lovelylittleklynn says:

@KerraKeroSene me too!

jusvis8ing says:

this sunday (4-24-2011) I was really upset when i didn't find coupon in my paper.

MyPaperBleedsInk says:

Is there an easy way such as a site tracking which products are offering deals through facebook? Sometimes I randomly come across them when searching for favorite products, otherwise I hear about deals and samples etc through facebook pages too late to receive them.

Kenna McClintock says:

So im 16 and with the ecnomy and everything ima try to get my mom to start using coupons so we can save for important things like college!
im going to do this!

RachelGreen says:

OMG do you live in PARADISE, what a lovley houses and palm trees…

Greatings from snowy and coldChicago!

shebabe03 says:

@DeanasAddiction Really!?! thats awesome!!!! Im so going to do that now! thank u!!! ….ru sure? lol

couponer740 says:

Hey, don't forget you can get coupons from blinkie machines, in and on (peelies) products you pruchase at the store. CVS has the red machine that prints out coupons when you scan your CVS card, as well.

petrakeys says:

Thanks alot! I love your site already, but was not aware of the coupon database! Yay!

At Home with Heather says:

I Love snagging coupons from magazines too!! Great tips!!

Tammy Beachem says:

Thanks for taking the time to make these! So helpful!

shebabe03 says:

I have a question: Im still kinda new to useing coupons and Ive heard of stacking coupons and I have a walgreens coupon for $10 off a box of crest 3D white strips and i have a Manufacturer coupon for $10 off a box of c.3d.w.s. so can i stack those and get $20 off?

kim Jackson says:

awesome info !! thanks
I am a new subbie

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