How to Find the Best Shoe Deals

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Close Learn how to find the best shoe deals by combining coupons with sales and clearance!


Carla Mmmhmm says:

Hey, Kitty. I was wondering if you could do a Kmart & Save A Lot ad match up for your site. Thanks!!

Brian says:

Good thing coming up Lowes has all of their Outdoor furnature and lawnstuff onsale after labor day if you go to your local post office many have the postal moving kits their is usually a 10% discount coupon in them if its not lowes its Home depot and they will be honored at eith place.

pochakila says:

I love Target and their Clearances they have especially on their shoes. I found a pair of tennis shoes for 4.98, another pair swiss gear athletic shoes for 7.98 and another pair of running shoes for 6.98 for about 20.00 three pairs of shoes that would be great for me to run around in when I go out shopping or hitting the theme parks. 🙂

Queen Sugah says:

great tips, thanks

kaydee713 says:

i just got three pairs of shoes for 29$ 🙂 rain boots included in that!! they rang up for 10$ when they were supposed to be 22$. and sandals were on clearance for 5 dollars and these other shoes were on sale for 14$ 🙂

Deborah Collazo says:

yay ur bck!

RingAroundthaRosey says:

side note…totally love that shirt!

Nancy S. Macario says:

is it the end of summer already?

SillyMando2008 says:

I got a pair of clearance heels from Target. I love their shoes but I REFUSE to pay full price. I know I can do better than that, girlfriend!

misaki Rapoza says:

cute shirt!

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