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How to dominate group instances and get extra FREE coupoons for Naruto Online

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Deiji Aiko says:

Rip group instances it was removed or just I'm crazy xD

SSylvre says:

love how a fucking level 39 npc one shots an entire team of lvl 39s so you have to be lvl 50 to do a lvl 39 instance which is fucking gay as all autistic shit

pizzaschnoesel says:

Do you get more coupons if you do 3 star and then 5 star instead of 3 star and then 4 star?

Hugo Lindgren says:


ThePoorest says:

Because cursed hidan is "FREE"

En Y says:

Cursed hidan is NOT needed to farm GI. If anything it makes it harder to farm this since 3 cursed hidans kill everything way too fast.

The way me and 2 other friends do it is by using 3 stall teams, going, for example, 20 rounds 0 deaths then 19 rounds 5 dead then 19 rounds 3 dead etc.. this is ofc only doable because no one else in our server does this.

Edit:: just fyi, we would go 20 rounds to 4 rounds just doing this. Going up a star after not being able to go faster. So yeah. We've made A LOT of coupons.

CandyMan Yo says:

F2p player my ass

Raphael Etafo says:

hi im a new to naruto online and im a free to play player, so i was wondering if u could make a video on spending coupons as a free to play player, like wat event wat fragment materials etc. im currently at lvl 40.

MrTakauri says:

you do know that bottom guy had leach for his hidan aswell, the anbu special tactics the lighting main gives off goes to the whole field and not just your team.
If you look during the video you can see his hidan use the poke yourself no jutsu crap and it comes up in green that is him leaching.

chickenemerald says:

But ye ty, i actually didn't know you could do that, lol

chickenemerald says:

3 fucking cursed hidans, fml this week i can't even get a shiny/kinda rare pull even once xD

Darkside116 says:

Tbh I didn't know this gave out coupons :L

dragonfire14x says:

haha man not everyone are wallet warriors that can afford the bs lineup. This isn't really a trick or guide all you are telling us is that "Guys you get coupons for being the best in your server!".

Ryan Martincich says:

You have 3 people with cursed Hidan just doing GI. We have no Cursed Hidan and we are on an older server than you. Guess my server is just shit

ItsBTrue says:

A little tip to maximize your free coupons from Group Instance

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