How to get free McDonald’s coupons!

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I love gettin’ those McDonald’s coupons in the mail… but sadly, they only send you one book. Here’s how to get a whole bunch!


Abraham Corrujedo says:

trash digger 😲

Lucas cameron says:

thats just useless

Ziemomysł says:

what's wrong with his teeth?

grandma lynda says:

years ago I gave birth to my son and asked for a big mac in the delivery room right after. Later that week my husband took me and my son to the Macdonalds where he picked up my big mac the week before and told them that a big mac attack in the delivery room was real. they took my son and gave him a tour of the kitchen and then gave us a stack about 2" thick of big mac coupons. I thought that was so sweet of them.
Now at the post office I always put coupons on the counter for others. being nice.

prettyjuls says:

lol…lame..and gross…

Hooker Gaming says:

One moment of embarrassment for 20mins of Nom Nom Nom MCdonald Goodness Totally Worth it!

Hooker Gaming says:

Lol this video is great!

HahahaVille says:

watch out for the used condoms and dirty needles lol

Nathaniel Christopher says:

Nice! Think of all the savings…. I've heard that they'll sometimes give you coupon books if you ask at the restaurant!

LilCountry Belle says:

Funny video 🙂 Lucky for me people leave McDonalds, BurgerKing, and Pizza Hut coupons on the counters at my post office. I have no problem picking them up! I always think did they not see the word FREE on half of those coupons. Besides our McDonalds takes expired coupons their crazy for leaving them!!

SuperSkinandHairCare says:

Keeping it real! Lol!

Nathaniel Christopher says:

@nicknmartin It's not a dumpster.

daylanrayne says:

@tubofbologna Besides I think thats his apartment building ..not the post office.

daylanrayne says:

@tubofbologna ..Garbage is just that garbage..when you toss it , it no longer belongs to anyone and is there for good for picking. If you want coupons it's better go to a paper recycle bin people toss an unreal amount away ever Sunday or Monday.

baffinjigger says:


E4Sville says:

Shit ton? is that a inter-national standard?

Luan Ty says:

I have not seen McDonald's coupons before.

Brendiux says:


I never get Coupons 🙁

landth78 says:

Oh My God! Doing that is so low xD

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