How to get Free stuff from Bambu Lab | Free Filament and 3D Printers

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✅ Best Beginner 3D Printer:
Maker World:

My top 3 models:
1) Star Tree Topper:
2) Watering Can:
3) Toothpaste Squeezer:

🟢Bambu Lab 3D Printers:
A1 mini:

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@Voidroamer says:

seems fun, sucks though that i can just work a day at my day job and make the same amount 🙁 good problem to have though, i suppose!

@jkaman280 says:

Any idea if having a printer profile on the listings effects the success of the model?

@shrek9840 says:

Can you help me get more downloads on maker world I currently use other peoples printers since I don’t have my own I’m trying to get enough gift cards for a p1p my maker world user is shrek and I have four uploads thank you so much

@joshrose2 says:

Make video, video do good, free shit. I got this.

@freedomforimps says:

I'm hoping I can get to a point where I can get the p1s for like 2/3 or half the price. That's gonna take a while tho

@Tacomaster-lq2ik says:

My problem is I cant think of Any ideas

@gunnarbeddoes13 says:

What do you use to design models?

@PeterAgostiniJdcap26 says:

I don’t know how to use these programs , I tried one just had spinning models in the air it was not simple for me

@burmanatorx7725 says:

This is actually the method. made £70 in 2 weeks from 3 models that each took me an hour

@RobertGlazier says:

Great video. New subscriber to your channel.

@thelordshellington8961 says:

MakerWorld does also have a severe issue with people stealing other's designs, so be weary of where you put your designs, and do not become greedy and take other's credit.

@kennybeaudoin says:

good idea bring more and more people lol .. already hard enough to make some points good luck to you all..

@HuskyRides says:

I dont like the makerworld concept.. More than once people will steal designs and throw them on Makerworld as their own because they can get free stuff out of it. If it were up to me i'd scrap the entire reward system.

@madizmo says:

Hey nice to see another Canadian on here 😃 Their reward system is awesome but if you have a model go viral they suspend your account and say your using bot manipulation lol. My AMS saver model got popular real fast and i got a notice that i can't cash in any tokens for a month now 😢

@theosette8632 says:

Thanks dude appreciated

@Calzune says:

Yesterday I redeemed points that gave me 6 codes, I ordered another AMS for half the price =)

@bierbarrel says:

Id be happy just to get the one i ordered from them

@simonriggs says:

Great to see a vid about 3d printing that encourages you to design and learn a new skill, rather than print dragons and snakes.

@mobiobione says:

Can confim. I cross-loaded most of my models from Printables, wasn't really trying to get anything, but Makerworld feels a bit Wild-West right now. My free A1 Mini just showed up, took 9 gift cards. $120 spool of PATH-CF and three spools of PLA took 5 more cards. Same-ish models on Printables got some free spools(still have to pay shipping from Czech Republic) but only 1/4 the way to a free printer.

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