How To Get FREE Stuff With Coupons – Real Extreme Couponing

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Today my friends took me out couponing for the first time ever to show me how much I could save/make money by stocking up on items that can also be free or really cheap. I legit felt like I was stealing stuff. Lol. This is real life extreme couponing show.

Last video: “Finding Winning Scratch Off Tickets Dumpster Diving!”

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OmarGoshTV says:

Let me know if you dig the coupon vids.

He Provides Homestead says:

I dig the coupon vids!

Debby Vaughan says:

Go John's sister, u clever lady. I need u in my town xx

Romil Gabriel Arias Baez says:

Yoooooooooo, i want to marrie with her now.😍😍

Eunae Kim says:

Being from Florida, I am exposed to Publix a lot, which means that I have access to this strategy!

Jerry Franklin says:

who do you follow?

Dog Dog says:

Man united nah….

Yonnaa Yonnaa says:

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Shick 17 says:

The area I live in doesn't let you do coupons the way they do on Extreme Couponing so I can't do that kind of fun stuff

Charlinia77 says:

Couponing confuses me. I wish I had someone do it with or for me

Andrew Only says:

Damn….. Whom is the master mind behind all of this!!!!

Andrew Only says:

Early bird gets the worm

Tracy Frost says:

Just started doing this myself and I love it!!!!!

Tragic Jade says:

She's so pretty lol

Sara Khan says:

What language was she speaking?

Sara Khan says:

What language was she speaking?

Austin French says:

I get whatever I want free because I steal it

Mocha Honey says:

I love this! It taught me so much! Please make more

cla ire says:

this girl rocks lol great vid 🙂

Chels T says:

She is bad ass

C Edgar says:

I dig this but still confused lol! Please do more of couponing with Paula. New on couponing still learning.

GamingWithDawson says:

I'm having dajavo

Onse Olive says:

It's awesome 📦😜greatest deal man😘❤️

Alicia Lopez says:

There's a Publix here in Tennessee.

ared18t says:

Too bad you can't do this in California 😥

Samuel Vigil says:

at 3:51 the lady in the background was looking at the camrea

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