How to grocery shop on a $100.00 budget with coupons

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Antoinette went shopping today on a $100.00 dollar budget at walmart


Debyan Nieves says:

Great video! My father was stationed in Schweinfurt Germany from 2002-07 I would go to wurzburg high school. I loved Germany!

MzDaniiela G says:

I wish I could shop like u 👍👍

SuperHolly27 says:

That's really awesome! The food prices are so cheap! Unfortunatly I live in a place where the average price of food is very high! The packages of chicken you bought would cost $18.00 dollars here,  the bags of cheese are $9.00 each, peanut butter $7.00 We make our own bread to cut cost, do a lot of hunting, and I buy very little processed foods.

msr jumpy says:

doggy i love your vids

DOGGYSTYL32012 says:

Great video

Mister Reigns says:

Ms Antoinette, I'm trying to get some ideas together for how my wife and I can get the most out of our grocery budget. We spend about $500 a month on groceries, but we often seem to run to the store multiple times to pick up other food items. My family is about the same size as yours, so about how long does $100 worth of food last your family? Thank you.

84sblack says:

Great thank you so much.
Hi from Canada.

theresa bollman says:

You did VERY well! Thanks for sharing with us! Right now we are trying to help one of our children & her family due to unforeseen problems, and your ideas will help us so much. God Bless!

hulika aydin says:

Thank you this was very helpful:)

LOVE says:

Also if you didn't know you can put your bread in the freezer so it won't go bad. But that's if you have family like mind you doesn't really eat bread a lot. Just a little tip also thank you for uploading this video because when I shop I spent over 300 to 400 dollars because girl my family eat like crazy. But thank you ones again because I try to stay under 100.

Ciara cordero says:

Are you in Killeen texas?….I would love it if yu can help me shop because im not so good at it lol I shop at HEB

James Lore says:

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kathy jo tourtois says:

you got great deals, here in mich, all u got i would of payed double , if not more.have a great night

MultiKmimi says:

where in Germany were u guys based?

Iluv2watchutube1981 says:

you can make some white chili with your chicken:)

Iluv2watchutube1981 says:

you go! all that food everything I love to eat for 100.00 ! we would love to see many more of your hauls I love your kitchen:)

Thasocialbuttafly Antoinette Young says:

@journalgirrl Oh thank you so much for watching, I will be uploading more this week, I made so many this weekend.. Blessings

Thasocialbuttafly Antoinette Young says:

@anavywife28 Yes lil momma I am telling you if you were here we would have gotten together for sure honey.. We are gonna have to get together and do a video about this hit me up.. Send me your email so we can talk further. Blessing

Michelle Denise says:

girl I JUST left the commissary and yes it was some great deals in there, u got some very good deals! I love this video please do more if you can and I will start doing some too lol the chicken is always cheap in the commissary and the pack of wings too. i love the idea of adding that package of creamy alfredo yesss! u are very smart with ur money like me girl! I wish i was still in TX so we could go shopping together, we just left 6 mos ago. u really came UP!

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