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How To Grocery Shop Using Coupons!

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How To Organize Your Coupon Binder!

How To Use Coupons!

How To Organize Your Coupon Binder!

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How To Grocery Shop Using Coupons!

How To Use Coupons at CVS!


Lindsey Blue says:

I'm just starting, so I don't have a budget😬 I only have Winn Dixie and Walmart. I do love and use Almay!

He Provides Homestead says:

The Dollar Trees in southern Indiana do not sell Sunday papers. Just an fyi. Thanks for doing these vid's

Natasha Stenstrom says:

My monthly budget is $500 for 3 people and I shop at tops, Walmart and wegmans.

Sabine Barnes says:

I have a family of five. I shop at Walmart and Sam and we spend about 700 to 800 hundred dollars a month. This video was very helpful.

Ashleii Jal says:


Charlie Mashburn says:

In a little over a year I'm going to be moving out. im working on learning these types of things so I'm not confused when I get out into the 'real' world. Thank you.

Lani Powell says:

I love Publix. And, my budget has been cut down to $150. Now, there's one income in the home.

ELAINE Contreras says:

700 a month 4of ud

Besitochka Garcia says:

500 a month for the family of 4. I shop at CVS, Harris Teeter, Walmart.

Dolores Gutierrez says:

Hi love you videos..i ship at Wal-Mart and my budget is 250$

frecklemefancy says:

I received my giveaway prize from the 2k giveaway! Thanks so much for all your very informative videos! I look forward to seeing the CVS one on Sundays! I'm absolutely grateful for the prize! It was amazing! Be blessed!

Terry Lee says:

We shop at Walmart, and we are a family of 3. Our budget is $300.00-$400.00 a month.

Sandra P says:

I shop at Walmart, Aldi, Food town and Kroger. I only shop the mega deals at Kroger. Our budget is 500 for a family of 3 and one 90 lb dog. Where we are in Texas there is NO double or triple coupons. I SO miss those days!

Patricia Richardson says:

My monthly budget is$200 and I usually shop at Kroger

Laura L says:

family of 4 and I shop at Walmart a budget of 100 a week

I Garcia says:

500 at Publix, Walmart, and Harvey's

Sheila Davidson says:

I shop at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and CVS. My groceries are about $500 a month for 2.

Q Snyder says:

CVS, Walmart, Aldi, & save a lot. Family of 4($350-$400)… painful, new subbie

Penny Giller says:

any tips would be helpful…

Penny Giller says:

subscribed. Shop at Hannafords or Shaws in Northeast. 100 per week for 2. coupon and have a stockpile for 6 months on personal and beauty and hygienne products. Looking to save on food…researching crockpot meals. Any ips would be helpful. know Almay giveaway ended…

tameala weltman says:

UGO, save a lot , Kroger my monthly budget for 3 adults 300

Jean Hoffpauir says:

I've noticed here in Iowa the coupons have quick experation dates, how does one keep them in a binder when they're expired in 2 weeks ?

Jean Hoffpauir says:

350-400$ Walmart

JoAnn Sommer says:

I am a one person shopper for myself my budget is 150.00 a week. i would love to get it down to a lower budget for one.I do not know what it come's a month. I shop at target, kingsooper's, walgreen's, Rite Aid , I do not have a CVS :(…. I would love to be add in your giveaway or even just some help couponing. to save money i am diabled and live off of quest food stamp's. thank you so much for the veido' help me learn more way's to save.

jackio force says:

I'm new couponing I don't know which store the best to shopping and save in grocery 😊

Chris English-Russell says:

Family of 3. I shop at Aldi, Meijer and Gordon's.

NickMommy Nikki says:

Thank you!!! I'm a single this is helpful. I shop at Giant Food Store and Walmart. My budget is $200 family of 2.

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