How To Make Ecommerce Website Using HTML And CSS Step By Step | Create e-Commerce Website

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Part 2:

Here in this video you will learn to build an eCommerce website step by step using HTML and CSS. In this e-commerce website design we will create Home page of eCommerce website with banner section, some featured categories images, then some featured products with product price, image and rating.

Then there will be more latest products, and one offer section with exclusive product. After that there will be testimonials and top brands section. At the bottom of website we will make footer with 4 columns.

After that we will make the drop down menu for mobile scree and we will make this complete website design responsive from mobile devices.

In next part we will make all products page, single product page, shopping cart page, login and registration page for this Ecommerce Website

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Time Stamp:

00:00 Website overview
06:40 HTML and CSS File Setup
09:14 Create Header of Website
23:20 Add google fonts on website
27:42 Make Features categories section
31:37 Add Featured products on website
42:35 Design Recent products on site
44:07 Add offer section on web design
49:18 Design testimonial section for website
57:14 Create brands widget for online store
01:00:38 Create footer of eCommerce site
01:11:15 Make the website responsive

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sumanalal weerasinghe says:

I love this website….can you give me the score code of this website ? Please ?

sergio brunetti says:

very much interesting indeed. Just a question: what is this text editor?

Nicole De Klerk says:

Really fantastic tutorials – learning html and css through an online course and will most definitely keep watching your youtube channel. You make it look so simple and easy….lol..but we all know it takes a longtime to really understand how it all comes together. I especially struggle with flex and how to use it properly.

ubermemoli says:

dude it's not working on me pls help i can't see buttons

Luisito tv says:

sir if u click ur about us and contact it will open?

Khang Phạm Duy says:

You’re the greatest. Thank you so much!

Bhushan Gawande says:

where is sourse code

Someone Special says:

Please, may I get the source code

study workshop says:

great tutorial. note: you will get more value if you make your own twists and tweaks to the website. I hope you will do the tutorial and do your own tweaks in it

Roberto Mitchell says:

Thanks bro I will be spending sometime creating this and tweaking it

Handicraft bd says:

Why doesn't my rating star show up here?

Garvit Jain says:

when app you are using

Anshun Yu says:

I have a problem with my footer it doesn't take the whole bottom part and the sides are white, repeated the same code as seen in the video numerous times but it doesn't work, any insights

Md. Salauddin says:

This is a very helpful tutorial for beginners………….

Uchechukwu Uchechukwu says:

I love the tutorials you give, so detailed and easy to follow, thank you very much for this videos you post up.
I do have a question! I followed the same process as you did, but some of my code don't show when I run it, like the fa fa stars and some of my images don't align as yours did. Please what may be responsible for this? I would really appreciate a response.

Teraxx Easy_Net says:

Hello, please after doing all this process, do I need another template before hosting it and making all the functions work responsively ?
I will be glad to hear from you soon enough
Thank you

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