HOW TO Print Coupons From Your Iphone: Couponing 101

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Print Coupons from your Iphone!
Apps to download are: and Grocery IQ


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Per William's says:

question do you need to have WiFi in the house to print from you phone

Tiffany Bell says:

by god it worked for me that is so cool

flor hernandez says:

Hi which Hp printer is this ?

luz mendoza says:

I'm so excited I've waited all year since I saw this video to get this $19 printer that always goes on sale for Black Friday. And I finally got it this year . But mine is hp desk jet 2548


cool video thank you so much. I 👍 and subscribed… have a great day….

Soy Mizuky!!! says:

This did work but i don't have a hp printer i have a different brand and i cant print i dont know y 🙁

Jacqueline Huerta says:

hi I have question. I have a Epson printer how can i do to add my printer? because im trying to print and nothing came out. thanks

Galia Lopez says:

Hi Dara I am learning so much from you. about couponing I have a question I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge does it work the same to be able to print

Ductapecrafts519 says:

Can we use most coupons on any store if it doesn't say which store it is for?

juzero z says:

Thanks , we have to use hp no canon printer, thank u

gema5rocio says:

Thanks Dara, I did not know this, I will try to print the coupons from my email.

yoda momma says:

I have a iPhone and a hp printer. It's not wireless though. Will it still work?

dvoted4life says:

awesome t4s

meli alvarez says:


Irma Juan says:

Thanks! I didn't know that but know I do;) thanks for the vid;)

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