How to redeem a PS4 PSN Discount Code – Expires 6/30/2017!

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The following video was made to demonstrate how to enter in a discount code for the PlayStation 4. This particular discount code is a 20% discount code.

If you didn’t already know, the code shown in the video was used. You will need to purchase an unused code in order for it to work correctly. This video is just a demonstration of what steps are needed to redeem the discount code.

This will not work for pre-orders, PlayStation Plus, or Warranties.

To purchase this code for $5.99, click the link below:

20% Off PlayStation Store (PS4) Digital Code (Canadian PSN Accounts Only)

The code expires on 6/30/2017 and will only work on Canadian PSN Accounts.

I may have some more codes in the near future. Click on the link below to check out deals on Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, and more.


Fredrick Keith says:

They all are fack

ابو داحم says:

راكان البطل

Ivan Gonzalez says:

Can you help me out ?

Deshun Malone says:

Okay here's the info everyone wants. You only get the discount codes in bundles 10% and 20% off single use. Playstation should really make it more noticeable. But thats probably asking to much.

Andland33 2 says:

It would mean a lot if you want it's a subscribe to my channel sub for sub I do live streams daily

Tj Masterbarber says:

yea it says it's expired

Turnup Flyer says:

I guess I was to late?

TheLoneWandere Gameing says:

my did not work

Dabs Marino says:

Man fuck Canada

Savage Squad Rage says:

It dosent work


how many times does he sniffle😂😂🤔🤔

Gta5modz0515 Coolkidmodz says:

Hey guys this REALY worked the dislike button real work try it out see if it works😂😂😂😂

Kakak Kakakal says:

Where is a real glitch

Michael Villegas says:

It has expired

Sepanta Varshoee says:

Dose this actually works

Ted Kosgei says:

mine says not associated with your account

Hide it in my sock says:


Mds01 The Gamer says:

When I put in the redeem code for psn there's a error to it (plz say reply)

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