How to Shop at Aldi – Beginners Guide to Coupons ep 8

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Tips on how to shop at Aldi!
Please Note:
This video was filmed in February 2016
As of March 2016, Aldi DOES accept credit cards.


Disney Nut says:

I have never been to Aldi yet. I'll have to check it out now.

BluefoxxyNautral84 says:

Lol the dog kept distracting me

mamasue8 says:

.10¢ for lg plastic bags (not the normal grocery store small cheap bags) & .06¢ for paper bags – Orlando, FL

Aldi is the BEST!

Cousin of Trader Joe's

Spices are WAY better than the Top brands

Clancey pretzels – ALWAYS have them in stock at home lol (and only $1.29)

The chips are sooo good!

Took me a while to get over the "feel" of the store (was being a Publix snob I guess lol) But NOW, I'm Aldi 110%!

They have home goods weekly that are AMAZING!!


Sebastian Urbas says:

Aldi takes credit cards since a few month.

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